Biography : The Life History of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe was born on 21 February 1924, in what was then Rhodesia. He was imprisoned for more than ten years without trial after criticising the government of Rhodesia in 1964.

In 1973, while still in prison, he was chosen as president of the Zimbabwe African National Union (Zanu), of which he was a founding member.

After criticising the government of Rhodesia in 1964 he was imprisoned for more than a decade without trial.

Mr Mugabe assumed the reputation of a "strongman" leader - all-powerful, ruling by threats and violence but with a strong base of support. An increasing number of critics labelled him a dictator.

The security forces kept Mr Mugabe and his party, Zanu-PF, in power - mostly through terror. But eventually even the army turned against him, and pushed him out.

Few nations have ever been so bound, so shackled, to one man. For decades, Mugabe was Zimbabwe: a ruthless, bitter, sometimes charming man - who helped ruin the land he loved.

In 2000, he seized land from white owners, and in 2008, used violent militias to silence his political opponents during an election. He famously declared that only God could remove him from office.

In 2017, amid concerns that he was grooming his wife Grace as his successor, the army - his long-time ally - turned against the president and forced him to step down.George Walden, one of the British negotiators at the Lancaster House Agreement in 1979 which ended white-minority rule, said Mr Mugabe was a "true monster".

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta said Mr Mugabe had "played a major role in shaping the interests of the African continent" and was "a man of courage who was never afraid to fight for what he believed in even when it was not popular".

Veronica Madgen and her husband ran one of the largest farms in Zimbabwe before it was invaded by Mr Mugabe's supporters, forcing the family to come to the UK. She recalled: "The tractors [were] being burnt, the motorcycles [were] being burnt, stones [were being] thrown through the window… It was very difficult to actually come to terms with what was happening.In his later years, people called him all sorts of names, but now is probably the time when Zimbabweans will think back to his 37 years in power, she says.

Kenya will fly all its flags at half-mast this weekend in honour of Mr Mugabe, he said.The agreement "turned out rather well... and looked good for a while", but Mr Mugabe later became "a grossly corrupt, vicious dictator", he said. Zimbabwean Senator David Coltart, once labelled "an enemy of the state" by Mr Mugabe, said his legacy had been marred by his adherence to violence as a political tool.

Mr Mugabe was ousted from power in a military coup in November 2017, ending his three-decade reign. Mr Mugabe had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April. He was ousted in a military coup in 2017 after 37 years in power.

The  former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe died aged at 95. Robert Mugabe, was the Zimbabwe's first post-independence leader.

His successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, expressed his "utmost sadness", calling Mr Mugabe "an icon of liberation". More so, the Zimbabwe's education secretary Fadzayi Mahere tweeted: "Rest In Peace, Robert Mugabe."

Robert Mugabe died after battling ill health on the 6th August, 2019

Mail Carrier Killed And 22 Injured Following A Shooting In Odessa

International news for today

A mail carrier was among the seven people between the age range of 15 and 57 killed on Saturday in which 22 others were also injured plus a toddler at a local car dealership following a shooting in Odessa, Texas, US. US Postal Service officials said in a statement Sunday that they were “shocked and saddened” by the events, but were “especially grieving the loss of our postal family member.”

Mail carrier Mary Granados was alone in her US Postal Service truck when she was shot and killed by a gunman who hijacked the white vehicle amid his frenzy of violence. Mary Granados, 29, was among seven people between the ages of 15 and 57 killed Saturday. Another 22 were injured including a toddler.

He’s not exactly clear, but it appears one shot hit the engine, another struck the driver’s side window and a third a rear window. Some shattered glass punctured his left shoulder, causing him to bleed a lot and go to a nearby hospital. He said he’s physically OK but bewildered by the experience. “This is my street instincts: When a car is approaching you and you see a gun of any type, just get down,” Munoz, who moved from San Diego about a year ago to work in oil country, according to report. “Luckily I got down. Sure enough, I hear the shots go off. He let off at least three shots on me.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the 17-month-old girl is recovering but faces surgery on Monday to remove shrapnel from her right chest. She also suffered injuries to her face. Abbott says the mother texted: “Her mouth is pretty bad, but will heal and can be fixed. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like her jaw was hit. Just lips, teeth and tongue...We are thanking God for healing her and appreciate continued prayers.”

Daniel Munoz, 28, who also was injured, recalled the harrowing tale of coming into the path of the gunman, who was later killed by officers. Munoz was in his car on the way to meet a friend for a drink, when he yielded to a car coming off Interstate 20. He immediately noticed what he feared to be a barrel of a rifle in the hands of the driver.

“I’m just trying to turn the corner and I got shot — I’m getting shot at?” Munoz said. “What’s the world coming to? For real? I’m just over here minding my own business, getting my own gas.”

Christian Religious Studies Questions for Primary 3

Jesus and his disciples

   Instruction:  Answer all the questions two sections
                        Section A (30 Marks)
  1. ……………….  told Philemon to receive Onesimus back and live together in peace (a) Apostle John (b) Apostle Peter (c) Apostle Paul (d) Saint Mathew (e) Saint Luke
  2. Abraham with his wife went to……………… from Egypt (a) Jerusalem (b) Midian (c) Negeb (d) Jordan (e) Philippians
  3. The ………………… is a counselor sent by the father to teach  those who accept Jesus (a) satan (b)man (c)evil (d)serpent (e)Holy Spirit
  4. A ………………. is somebody who saves another person from danger or sin (a)vacation (b) profession (c) teacher (d) coach (e) Savior
  5. The tribe of Israel had been in …………………. for a long period (a) freedom (b) darkness (c) sickness (d) poverty (e) bondage
  6. The …………….. is the third person of the Holy Trinity (a) Man (b) Holy communion (c) Holy Trinity (d) Holy childhood (e) Holy spirit
  7. Jesus suffered because of our …………… (a) love (b) hatred (c) kindness (d) evil (e) sins
  8. Jesus appeared to His disciples after His ……………… (a) baptism (b) birth (c) preparation (d) resurrection (e) power
  9. Jesus is coming the second time to take us to ……………… (a) hell (b) mountain (c) Zion (d) heaven (e) all of the above
  10. We are all sinners but Jesus died on the ………… for our sins (a) rope (b)mat (c) chair (d)cross (e) temple

  11. Jesus does not want us to be hungry or………… (a) rich (b) good (c) well (d) thirsty (e) sick
  12. A ……….. takes care of sheep (a) goldsmith (b) silversmiths (c) sheep (d) shepherd (e) herdsman
  13. One can be born again through repentance of ………… (a)food (b) drink (c) sin (d) cry (e) meat
  14. As a Christian we should not doubt the second coming of ……………. (a) Holy Spirit (b) devil (c) Jesus (d) Holy Mary (e) all of the above
  15. Jesus is the ………. (a) bread we eat (b) bread of man (c) Bread of Life (d) blood of life (e) water
  16. We cannot get to God without first getting to know ………… (a) Disciples (b) Apostle (c) Jesus  (d) Hebrew (e) Man
  17. If a ………….. should enter the midst of the sheep will be scatter (a) Lion (b) Zebra (c) Wolf  (d) Cat (e) none of the above
  18. The …………… gives us healing from manner of sickness (a) Holy Spirit (b) man (c) doctor (d) soldier (e) evil spirit
  19. Who is a comforter? (a) Holy Spirit (b) Peter (c) John the Baptist (d) Holy Mary (e) Mathew
  20. The …………… were expecting a Messiah that will conquer their enemies (a) Jews (b) Romans (c) Egyptians (d) Midians (e) Nigerians

  21. The ability to speak in tongue is a virtue of the ……………… (a) Holy Spirit (b) Man Spirit (c) Devil (d) Holy Mary (e) all of the above
  22. Prophet …………. Prophesied about the birth of Jesus Christ (a) Isaiah (b) Jesus (c)Abraham (d) Ezekiel (e) Joshua
  23. Hospitality is the act of service of welcoming, receiving, and hosting or………….. guest (a) managing (b) associating (c) greeting (d) communicating (e) entertaining
  24. ……………… can also be defined as friendly behavior or generous treatment given to somebody (a) communication (b) association (c)marriage (d) hospitality (e) all of the above
  25. ………………. Is needed because God commanded us to be hospitable (a) hatred (b) stealing (c) hospitality (d) backbiting (e) forgiveness
  26. God commanded …………………… to go to Zarephath and live there (a) Moses (b)Elijah (c) Saul (d) David (e) Jonah
  27. …………………. and David were friends (a) Jonathan (b) Isaac (c) Jacob (d) Jesse (e) Mary
  28. ……………… was the son of Saul the king of Israel (a) David (b) Saul (c) John (d) Jonathan (e) none of the above
  29. Who killed Goliath? (a) Jonathan (b) Isaac (c) Jacob (d) David (e) Annah
  30. Who was the wife of Isaac? (a) Mary (b) Ruth (c) Rebecca (d) Gerar (e) none of the above

1. Give 3 examples of people who quarreled but later lived peaceful together (6 marks)
2. List 2 people who demonstrated hospitality in the Bible (4 marks)
3. Define peaceful co-existence (2 marks)
4. List 4 reasons for showing hospitality (8 marks)
5. State 3 moral responsibilities to other around us (6 marks)
6.  Narrate the story; The love between Jonathan and David (4 marks)

2019/2020 UEFA Champions League Group Stage Table Release

Nike football

The UEFA Champions League group stage table has been publicized in Monaco today. The group stage comprises of thirty two ( 32 ) football clubs. The clubs that qualified for year 2019/2020 UEFA clubs are as follows;

PSG, Real Madrid, Club Bruge, Galatasaray, Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Olympiakos, Crvena Zvezda, Manchester City, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow, Liverpool, Napoli, FC Salzburg, Genk, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Slavia Prague, Zenit, Benfica, Lyon, RB Leipzig, Chelsea, Ajax, Valencia and Lille.

In this regard these clubs are grouped as viz;
Group A
PSG, Real Madrid, Club Bruge, Galatasaray
Group B
Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Olympiakos, Crvena Zvezda
Group C
Manchester City, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta
Group D
Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow
Group E
Liverpool, Napoli, FC Salzburg, Genk
Group F
Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Slavia Prague
Group G
Zenit, Benfica, Lyon, RB Leipzig
Group H
Chelsea, Ajax, Valencia, Lille

The defending champions Liverpool start against Napoli, Genk and Salzburg. More so, the headline group is Group F where Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan are paired against each other.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid are set for a blockbuster clash with PSG in Group A while Group B sees Bayern up against Tottenham, Olympiakos and Crvena Zvezda.

Sample of Examination Question on English Studies for Primary Three

Toys for baby

  Read the comprehension passage and answer the questions below

Lukman goes to school on foot every day. Before he gets to school, he crosses a busy expressway. Lukman is a very careful boy. He uses the zebra crossing to cross because he does not want to be knocked down by a car, bus or motorcycle
At the zebra crossing sign on the road, he waits, looks right, looks left and looks right again. When the traffic has obeyed the traffic lights, he quickly walks across the road. Where there is no zebra crossing, he uses pedestrian bridges if there is one or he asks older people to help him cross safely

How does Lukman goes to school? (a) By ferrari (b) By sandal (c) By foot (d) By traffic

What does he do before he gets to school? (a) he eats rice and stew (b) he carries his younger ones (c)he sleeps a lot (d) he crosses a busy express road

How does he cross the expressway? (a) he uses Microscope (b) he uses the zebra crossing (c) he jumps in a car (d) he sings

Why is he careful to cross the expressway? (a) he does not want to be knocked down (b) he has his own bus (c) he has his own car (d) he is a boy

What other ways does he use in crossing the road? (a) He uses the road (b) he uses the pedestrian bridge (c) he uses his hand (d) he climbs zebra to cross

Pick the correct word that has each of these sounds
/e/  (a) road (b) think (c) toilet (d) watering

/Ͻi/ (a) pole (b) oil (c) combing (d) pot

/a/ (a) correct (b) fat her (c) shoulder (d) show.

Pick out the correct adjectives in these sentences.

Everyone wished James a happy birthday. (a) Everyone (b) wished (c) happy (d) a

The teacher is holding a thick book. (a) The teacher (b) is holding (c) thick (d) book 

John always takes the largest share (a) takes (b) is taking (c) largest (d) underline

Pick from option A- D the word that is similar in meaning to the underlined words.

The little girl is wearing a beautiful dress (a) Sweet (b) attractive (c) long (d) Short.

It is a nice day. (a) Pleasant (b) duty (c) Crispy (d) Party
Choose the right word from options A- D to complete each of the following sentences

14. The practice of keeping oneself or the things around you free of dirt ____________ (a) Cleanliness (b) truthfulness (c) Carelessness (d) cruelty.

Good behavior towards someone is _________ (a) watchfulness (b) dizziness (c) free (d) soup.

Treatment of someone in a fair way or giving someone a deserved punishment (a) Judiciary (b) Justice (c) Cleanliness (d) Obedient.

Working with a lot of effect is _____________ (a) Working (b) hardworking (c) running (d) walking

___________ is when someone always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal (a) Cunning (b) humility (c) telling (d) drill.

An ___________ person does what they are told to do or what a law rule e.t.c. says they must do (a) Cruel (b) Cruelty (c) Obedient (d) Harsh

Choose the right answer from options A – D.

Who is the mother of Obinna? (a) Ugo (b) Clamma (c) Ethoma (d) Amadi

How many churches came to visit Amadi? (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 1 (d) 5
__________ is the Beloved Child (a) Clara (b) Traditional (c) Ikota (d) Obinna.

Why did Obinna travel to Ado? (a) To greet his aunt (b) For an examination (c) To see his friends (d) To buy fish.

What is the full meaning of YCSA (a) Young Cast Schedule Advantage (b) Yelling Conservative Student Admin (c) Young

Christian Servant Association (d) Young Church Serving Adversary.

Who wrote the book titled ‘The beloved Child (a) Joel Oruche (b) Joel Onuche (c) Joel Onuchar (d) Oruche Jonah

Can I take Olu with me? (a) Yes you can (b) Yes you didn’t (c) No you wasn’t (d)  Yes you were.

Ada`s father has lived in Makurdi ____________ five years (a) four (b) fort (c) through (d) for.

Choose the first word which will come first which arranged alphabetically
Beg           band             big          bunch
Tend           time             two          try
Orange           Oven             Okra          Open.

Write a composition on My School (10 Marks)
Re- arrange each of these words to form another word
Example Pot – top
Owns    =  S _________ w__________ ______-___
Nats      =  n _________  s ___________
Lamps   =  p a _____________  ___________ s
Reap     =   p  a __________  _________s
Pots       =   __________________.  (20 Marks)

French Questions for Primary Five

Flowers for you

Instruction: Answer all the questions.

  Part 1

 Fill in the gaps with the correct options.
 Mon amie ____________ Claire Coker _____________ est sud Africaine, mais elle habite       _____________ France. Elle ___________ quinze ans. Elle ____________ le franscias. Son college     est un/ une _____________ international. Elle ____________ 1.6m. Elle est grande ___________ et intelligente. Pendant ses temps ____________ elle joue ___________ volleyball.

(a) m’appelle  (b) s’appelle  (c) t’appelle  d) appeller
(a) elle  (b) elles  (c) il  (d) nous
(a) a  (b) au  (c) dans  (d) en 
(a) doit (b) a (c) est (d) fait
(a) achete (b) boit (c) etudie (d) regarde
(a) bureau (b) ecole (c) jardin (d) marche
(a) mesure (b) charge (c) met (d) pese
(a) belle (b) beaux (c) bel (d) beau
(a) libres (b) mort (c) presse (d) vecu
(a) de (b) des (c) aux (d) du

Francoise tu veux boire ___________ vin?   (a) une   (b) du   (c) un   (d) la

Ce sont ________________boubous  (a) des (b) l’     (c) la   (d) le
Elle est Blessing Okagbare, ___________ sprinteuse (a) la    (b) du    (c) le     (d) les
La chaise est dans _________ classe   (a) la    (b) le     (c) un     (d) son

Mon ecole acronstruit sa maison pres ________ mer   (a) la    (b) le    (c) un   (d) de

II n’ya pas ____________ armoires dans l’appartement.  (a) d’    (b) des    (c) du    (d) les
Ce sont __________ livres de francais  (a) des   (b) du    (c) la    (d) le

____________ orange est un legume  (a) L’ (b) La     (c) Le    (d) Les

II n’ya personne a ________ maison (a) du (b) des       (c) la       (d) les

Tout _________ monde a une vie plus agreable (a) de    (b) des    (c) le    (d) les

Write these figures in French language
2 _______________ (a) deux (b) trois (c) quatre (d) cinq
4 _______________ (a) cinq (b) deux (c) un (d) quatre
5 _______________ (a) six (b) sept (c) dix (d) cinq
11 ______________ (a) douze (b) treize (c) quatre (d) onze
30 ______________ (a) un (b) trois (c) quatorze (d) trente
23 ______________ (a) vingt (b) vingt-trois (c) deuxe (d) un
25 ______________ (a) trois (b) six (c) six (d) vingt cinq
29 ______________ (a) vingt-neuf (b) vingt et un (c) trente (d) vingt-sept
27 ______________ (a) vingt-neuf (b) vingt-huit (c) vingt-sept (d) vingt-deux
28 ______________ (a) vingt-huit (b) vingt-six (c) vingt-deux (d) quarante

Translate these words into English
Sortez _____________________________________
Entre ______________________________________
Lis ________________________________________
Ecoute bien _________________________________
Dors _______________________________________
Applaudis ___________________________________
Commet tu t’appelles? ___________________________________
Commet – ca va? _______________________________________
Quell age as tu? ________________________________________

Translate these words into French Language
Have a nice day ________________________________________
Happy New Year _______________________________________
Merry Christmas _______________________________________
Good Night ___________________________________________
Have a nice celebration __________________________________

French Questions for Primary Three

   Answer all questions.

  • Bonjour (a) good afternoon (b) good night  (c) good morning 
  • Bonsoir madame (a) good evening madame (b) good morning sir (c) good night my friend 
  • Comment cava? (a) I am fine (b) thank you (c) how are you 
  • Comment va votre famille? (a) sleep  (b) sit down  (c) how is your family
  • Ca va bien merci (a) how are you (b) I am fine thank you  (c) good bye    
  • Ca va tres bien?  (a) no news  (b) good night   (c) I am very fine 
  • Comment vont les enfants? (a) go out  (b) sleep (c) how are the children 
  • Les enfants vont bien  (a) the children are fine (b) I am not (c) look 
  • Comment vont les affaires? (a) how is business (b) I am running (c) no sir 
  • Les affaires vont bien (a) I wish you (b) business is fine (c) lock wed 
  • Comment vont les etudes (a) how are your studies? (b) very well (c) till next Monday 
  • A demain (a) any news   (b) no news   (c) see you tomorrow 
  • A bientot (a) see you later   (b) yes    (c) no 
  • Bon weekend (a) till next time   (b) till Monday   (c) have a nice weeken 
  • Bon voyage (a) have a nice trip  (b) good night  (c) good day 

  •  Use verb “to have”, verb “to be” and verb “to go” to choose the correct answers in these  sentences
  •  J’ _________ N100    (a) as    (b) ai      (c) ont 
  • Abeeb _________ un cahier   (a) as    (b) at     (c) a 
  • Youssouf _______ a Lagos   (a) va     (b) vais    (c) vont 
  • Je _________ un garcon  (a) suis    (b) est    (c) es
  • Sherif _______ ge’ant  (a) est   (b) es     (c) sont 
  • Malik ________ une gomme (a) a   (b) as   (c) ai
  • Malik et Mariam ________ 10 milles (a) ont   (b) as    (c) a 
  • Sherif et Youssouf _______ Kano  (a) vont   (b) vas    (c) va 
  • Je _______ a la maison (a) vais    (b) vas    (c) va 
  • Tu ________ malade (a) es   (b) est   (c) ai 
  • il _________ une voiture  (a) a   (b) as   (c) ont 
  • Nous ________ a l’ecole (a) sommes  (b) suis    (c) vont 
  • Vous _______ arbitre (a) etes   (b) sont   (c) vont 
  • Elle ________ infir mi ere  (a) es   (b) est    (c) ai
  • Il _________ musician (a) sont   (b) es  (c) est  

(A) Answer these words in French language
i. Enjoy your meal __________________________
ii. Good luck _______________________________
iii. Good night ______________________________
iv. Have a nice day __________________________

(B) Write these numbers in French words
i. 12 _____________________
ii. 14 _____________________
iii. 15 _____________________
iv. 60 _____________________
v. 70 _____________________
vi. 75_____________________

End of the Term French Examination Question for Primary School

French Test

    Choose the correct form of the verbs in the bracket
  • Je _____________ mon devoir (faire)  (a) fais   (b) fait   (d) font 
  • Maman _______________ manger du riz (aimer)    (a) aimez   (b) aimet   (c) aime
  • Qu’est – ce qu’il ______________dans la chambre? (faire)     (a) fait   (b) font   (c) fais 
  • Qu’est-ce qu’ils ___________ a la maison (faire)    (a) fait   (b) fais   (c) font
  • Les infants ___________au lit (a) sont   (b) es    (c) est
  • J’__________ beaucoup (aimer) (a) aime   (b) aimez (c) aimet 
  • Nous _____________ la musique highlife (aimer)   (a) aimes  (b) aimez   (c) aimons 
  • Dayo ______________ un etudiant (etre) (a) es (b) est   (c) sont 
  • Tolu ______________ assez grande (etre)   (a) est    (b) es     (c) etre 
  • Que ______________ tu?  (manger)   (a) manges (b) mangez   (c) mangeous 
  • Complete the correct form of the verb (vouloir)
  • Nous ______________ des hancots (a) voulons (b) voulez (c) veulent 
  • Les enfants _____________ voyager (a) veulent (b) voulens (c) voulez
  • Ils _______________ du riz avec du poulet (a) veulent (b) voulait (c) veux
  • Mafille ______________ manger (a) veux  (b) veut   (c) veulent 
  • On _______________ des biscuits (a) veux  (b) vent  (c) voulons 
  • Que ______________ tu dire?  (a) vent   (b) veux    (c) veulez
  • _____________ vous rester chez moi?  (a) voulez   (b) vent   (c) veulent 
  • Je _____________ un verre d’eau  (a) veux    (b) vent   (c) voulons 
  • Tajudeen ____________ voir le direteur (a) vent  (b) veux   (c) venlons  
  • __________________ elles travailler ici?  (a) veulent   (b) voulons  (c) veux 

  • Choose the right verb
  • Bayo ________________ bonjour a son ami (a) parle   (b) dit   (c) cri
  • Tu _________________ boire quelque chose? (a) prends  (b) veux   (c) manges 
  • Ou _____________ tes parents (a) ecoutent  (b) sort   (c) habitent 
  • Dimeji _______________ le chat sur la table (a) met   (b) font   (c) chante
  • Inyang _______________ le Francais et l’efik (a) est    (b) parle    (c) montre 
  • Ils _________________ deux enfants (a) ont    (b) a    (c) sont 
  • Folake ______________ un grand dictionnaire  (a) as     (b) a     (c) avons 
  • Nous _______________ une voiture   (a) avons    (b) avez     (c) ont 
  • Vous ______________ une belle maison (a) avez   (b) ont    (c) a 
  • Monsieur Lateef ______________ deux fammes   (a) a    (b) ont    (c) avez 

  • Complete the sentences with du, dela, des, de l’, au, aux, a l’
  • Il ya une phar macie a Cote _______________ poste  (a) de la   (b) de    (c) aux 
  • Il accompagne son ami _______________ hopital  (a) du   (b) a l’    (c) des
  • Ngozi habite pres _____________ eglise (a) de l’   (b) a l’   (c) au
  • Mon e cole est loin ______________ musee (a) de la   (b) des   (c) du
  • Je vais _____________ bureau ____________ directeur (a) an   (b) du   (c) des
  • 14    (a) douze (b) quatorze (c) treize
  • 13  (a) six (b) sept (c) treize
  • 12 (a) vingt (b) trois (c) douze
  • 30  (a) quarante (b) trente (c) cinq
  • 25 (a) vingt deuce   (b) vingt quatre (c) vingt cinq

  • Translate these words into English
  • Felicitation __________________ (a) congratulation  (b) I am   (c) je 
  • Le petit de’jeuner ______________ (a) breakfast  (b) lunch  (c) you
  • Pain __________________ (a) bread  (b) tomato  (c) salt 
  • Qu’est-ce que ______________ (a) what   (b) that   (c) you are 
  • Pour _________________ (a) for   (b) drink  (c) sugar   (d) curly 
  • Ton ________________ (a) your    (c) my     (c) they     
  • Le beure _____________ (a) lunch   (b) sugar    (c) butter 
  • Le café au lait _______________ (a) my    (b) your   (c) coofee with milk 
  • Le the’ au lait _____________ (a) drink   (b) what  (c) tea with milk 
  • Bonne journee’   (a) judge    (b) student   (c) have a nice day 

  • Read this passage and translate it into English Language
  • Dimeji cherche un supermarche 
  • Dimeji: S’il vous plait monsieur, ouse trouve le supermarche nino?
  • Agent de police: Allez tout droit, après la banque, tournez, a gauche, a la poste, tour nez a droite, le supermarche est a deux cents au metres, enface de la gare. 
  • Dimeji: C’est au centre de la ville?
  • Agent de police: Bien sur, mais il ya un autre en dehors de la ville.
  • Demeji: On peut y aller a piend?  

French Language Objective Test For Primary Four

Pupils and teacher in the classroom

Completez par l’une des options juite
  • Voici __________enfants  (a) les (b) l’ (c) le  (d) la
  • ________ vais bien, merci (a) tu  (b) je (c) vous (d) fati
  • L’avocat travaille _____ (a) hospital  (b) a la cours de justice (c) a l’ ecole  (d) au port
  • La semain prochaine nous _______ des invites (a) avons recu  (b) recevont (c) recevrons (d) recevons
  • Je suis malade ____ (a) je m’ excuse  (b) tres bien (c) c’est domage (d) c’est tard
  • Maman reste _________ les enfants (a) c’est  (b) avec (c) bien (d) emsemble
  • Ils _______ a la maison  (a) va (b) vont (c) vais   (d) va
  • _________ m’excuse ________ tard (a) je c’est  (b) tu, je (c) c’est, je (d) j, tu
  • _________ allons ensemble? (a) on  (b) vous (c) nous (d) elles
  • Toyin quelle heure est – il? ________ (a) oui, il est l’ heure (b) c’est l’heure              (c) l’ heure passé (d) il est cinq heures
  • Il est midi moins le quart, donc il est ________ (a) 12.45  (b) 11.45 (c) 12.15 (d) 11.15
  • Quel age as-tu?  (a) ans (b) mois  (c) annce (d) age
  • Je ne ________ pas (a) sais   (b) ils (c) s’est (d) ces
  • Madanic salini et son mari sont la? Oui, _______ sont la  (a) elle (b) ils (c) elles (d) il.
  • Aujour d’hui c’est mardi, de main, c’est _________ (a) jeudi  (b) dimanche (c) lundi (d) mercredi
  • Qu’est ce que tu fais?  (a) je fais travant (b) oui, je travanlle (c) je travaille               (d) je vais au travaille
  • Qu’est ce ________ elle fait?  (a) qu’ (b) que (c) qui (d) qual
  • Ngozi ma femme est ________ (a) content (b) contents (c) contentes (d) contente
  • Tu es ravi de me voir? oui, je ______ ravide te voir (a) es (b) sommes (c) ete            (d) suis
  • Comments appelle t-elle? Elle_______ appelle Aminata (a) m’  (b) s’ (c) t’ (d) l’
  • Je suis _______ de Français (a) etudiant  (b) etudions (c) etudes (d) etude
  • Comment t’_____ tu?  (a) appelle (b) appelles  (c) appeler (d) appelez
  • Lome est la capitale __________ Togo  (a) de (b) du (c) des (d) d’
  • ________ tuviens avec les autres?  (a) toi (b) moi (c) lui (d) elle
  • Les enfants jouents _______ l’abre  (a) en (b) dans (c) a (d) sous
  • Ou est Nosa?  (a) il est etudiant  (b) il travaille (c) il est devant la classe                    (d) il pade beaucoux
  • Papa _______ une cigarette  (a) mange (b) boit (c) lave  (d) fume
  • Tis_________? (a) dors   (b) dort (c) domez (d) dorquin
  • Qu est, ce que _________ faites  (a) nous (b) tu (c) elle (d) vous     
  • Tu vas ________ la television ce soir?  (a) regander (b) regarde (c) regardez         (d) regardee
PART II: Renplissez les pointilles avec ou  est   or   est dans . Fill the dotted lines, using ou est or est dans
  • Where is the oil?____________________ l’huile?
  • Where is the mouse?_________________ la souris?
  • The oil is inside the bottle _______________ l’huile ____________ la bouteille
  • The mouse is inside the kitchen? La souris ____________ la cusine
  • Where are the rabbits? ______________ le lapin?
  • Where are the passengers? ______________ les passagers?
  • The passengers are inside the bus. Les passagers _____________ le bus
  • Where are the fruits? ______________ les fruits
  • The fruits are inside the basket. Les fruit ______________ le panier
  • The mouse is inside the kitchen. La souns ____________ la cuisine
  Fill in the gaps with the missing words
  • Mon amie _____________ Happiness David ___________ est Nigeriane, mais ille habite _____________ France. Elle _____________ le Français Son College est une __________ internationale. Elle ______ 1.6 mo Elle _____________ quinze ans. Elle est grande ____________ et inttiligent, pendant ses temps __________ Elle jour ____________ volleyball.
      Translate these words into Englis Language
  •   Le ciel            __________________
  •   L’etoile         __________________
  •   La montagne     __________________
  •   Le soleil    __________________
  •   La terre    __________________

 Translate these 5 words into French language
  • See you soon    __________________
  • See you tomorrow    __________________
  •   Good night        __________________
  •   Happy New Year    __________________
  •   Have a nice day    __________________