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Wisdom Quotes Part 1

1.There is no copyright when it comes to the anointing. We are permitted to follow people who have obtained what we are looking for, and do what they are doing to get the results they have!

2.Life is a battle ground, but it is better to know what you are fighting for. Reason is more important than action. Until you know why you are ‘fighting' in life, you won't have focus. It is possible to fight vigorously, but wrongly.

3.We do not have any special problem; we are only victims of special ignorance, which is caused by our lack of knowledge and application of the Word. What we do with the Word we receive, determines our glorious outcome!

4.If you are not running with a vision you are not a candidate for dominion. Your speed in life is determined by the quality of information at your disposal, and the level of insight with which you are operating. You cannot go beyond the information at your disposal. The brighter you see,the faster you go.The more informed you are,the greater the results you command!

5.If you do what you are called to do with excellence, resolve, wisdom, money will come to you. If you are overly focused on money, you will tend to wait until you have enough of it to start, but you will probably never feel that you have enough. Be wise in gathering your resources, but do not be overly focused on this one issue and it will come to you much faster!

6.Anything you don't have is something that you have not given,and any forgiveness that still remember the past is not forgiveness. A believer who is abiding in the Word and prayers will always overcome complex situations. Only such a person will know the truth and get wisdom!

7.There are special prices that a Pastor must pay if growth must be seen in the Church. Personal development is number one on the list.

8.Willingness to work very hard must follow. Learning and trainings in church growth through seminars,conferences,courses,tapes and books are part of the prices. Visiting and studying growing churches,willingness to change old methods and adapt to strategies that work today are also necessary!

10.Every time the devil wants to destroy a person he gets him to be alone or brings wrong people into his life. In that lonely state he will bring wrong people into his life that would tell him what is not working in his life and how things will not work. The devil knows the power of uncommon relationships!

11.Don't fall into the group of unfortunate people, who get satisfied too soon,who think they have made it,when they have only just begun. They think they know it all,but they know so little!

13.No man becomes successful in life solely by his strength and effort so help people to succeed the same way others helped you (even in insignificant ways)to make it.

14.Reflect on how far you have come; it wasn't solely by your effort. Keep the ripples in motion.

15.Dishonesty is one of the cheapest ways of cutting off the flow of unction. If you are a minister of the gospel,be careful not to say what God has not said,in a bid to take advantage of someone!


“ 1.When your vision is enormous, sometimes your efforts may seem not to yield any results. But remember  no matter how long the night lingers, it cannot deny the day its opportunity. Though it may seem like its taking longer than expected to manifest, keep working on it. A lot can happen in just a second.

2.One of the ways to become a champion in life is to produce champions. Success is not always about you becoming, but helping others to become.

3.Don't be afraid to push people to succeed or go higher than you. Sometimes, its better to 'make' others than to make yourself. Its proof of how strong you are.

4.God give you a  promise that you won’t have to face life alone… for when you grow weak in your struggles, His strength will prevail and not your own.

5.You don't always have to be in the lime light or occupy the front row seat to make an impact or cause a change. I'm unknown, but I have inspired and impacted millions over the years from the background through writing. Its not always about having a 'big' platform, but your passion and commitment to the assignment on your life. What are you waiting for? Impact your world.

6.The journey of life is not really about who succeeds or gets there first; it is about who gets the best out of life. Don't fret when others take the lead. They may have gone ahead of you, but it doesn't mean they have the best. Focus on getting the best out of life.

7.The fact that a man doesn't see things the same way you do does not mean he's wrong. He may actually be very right. In life, people will see things you can't. So until you are humble enough and learn to consider other people's opinions, you will always lack in wisdom and knowledge.”


1.Sometimes, the journey to the promised land may become very rough, but the destination is sure. What matters then is not the nature of the journey but your passion for the destination.

2.If God is leading you on that path, it means you have the capacity to get to your destination. You are too strong to give up midway. Finish the journey.

3.Often times, just when people write you off and think that you cannot make it, that's when God decides to show up to prove Himself in your life, surprise and silence them for good.

4.There is hope when God is involved in the affairs of your life. The man who despises a mustard seed soon realizes when it grows into a big tree that he acted foolishly.

5.Never despise or give up on anyone who is pursuing the plan of God with passion. You'd be surprised what God can do for them overnight because of their commitment and persistence

6.You don't have to fight every 'battle' in order to win. Sometimes, the best thing to do is apply wisdom - walk away. Victory is the product of wisdom, not strength.

7.Only a few have the eyes to see your potential before God shows the proof. Those who wait to see proof before they acknowledge potential are potentially blind.

8.Sometimes, you can't make people to see what they don't have eyes to see. Work on your potential and let God give the proof. Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come.

9.Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.
10.You may have a great dream in life but until you allow yourself to go through the mill of change, all you have is a dream. Every dream first of all needs the maturity of the dreamer to come to pass. Are you putting yourself in shape for your dream?

11.When you make God the author and finisher of your faith, you don't get worried no matter how long things may seem to take. The reason is that you will be living according to His timeline, not yours. And God is always on time.

12.The weight of the cross you carry is a revelation of your greatness and the glory of your destiny. Sometimes, you might shed tears and ask a lot of questions, but never let go of the cross. The cross is the key into the glory.

13.Your welfare and well being is more important to God than you think. He is still the God that brings light into darkness - Genesis 1:3. When God gives you a word of assurance, don't jinx it with your thoughts; He only speaks what He is determined to do.

14.You can't do for yourself what God wants to do for you, and you can't take yourself to where He wants to take you.
That's the reason you must take Him at His word irrespective of what your eyes see and the conditions around you. God cannot disappoint [ Numbers 23:19]

15.When God is the one ordering your steps, He makes sure you meet the right people as and when they are needed. And when you do, they wholeheartedly help you to accomplish His purpose. He connects dots only He can connect.

16.Despise no man in this life. Even the poorest of men has something to give you that the richest of men may not be able to.

17.A man's ability is not in his status, but in who he is. You can take away a man's position, but you can never take away who he is or what he can do. No matter where you find yourself now on the ladder of life, never lose sight of who you are. Its your greatest ability to weather the storms of life.

18.Always be real because honest mistakes (mistakes you make  being yourself) are better than feigned perfection.When you make a mistake being real, it is far better than trying to be perfect under pretence.

19.Are you being real to people in life or you are pretending? When you genuinely desire to be a blessing to others, God will make sure that you don't run out of His blessings.

20.The nozzle of the tap that always gives water is never dry or dirty. It means that often times, the best way to maintain the flow of God's blessing in your life is to be a blessing to others. If you want God to trust you with ancient wealth, be selfless. That's how you become a blessing to humanity - Genesis 12:2

21.You can't know more than you have learnt, and you cannot be better than the level to which you have developed and groomed yourself.

22.Personal development is your responsibility and that is how you add value to your life. When its all been said and done, you determine your value or how much you are worth in life at the end of the day.

23.So don't compare yourself to others who are working tirelessly to become the better versions of themselves when you are not. You can't blame any soul for how you end up.

24.When the journey becomes tough, people need encouragement. Somebody needs your encouragement right now. Encourage a friend, brother, sister, spouse, beloved or partner today. Let them feel and know that someone believes in them despite the odds.

25.Encouragement is something we all need. Don't allow the people around you to be giving up when you can be the voice that encourages them to forge on. There is something I say - anybody who gives up has not encountered me yet. Make that your slogan too.

26.Hope is lost when people give up, and it is restored when they are encouraged. People are going through diverse challenges and could use a word from you. Assure them that it will be well; that they are not alone.

27.It is one of the beautiful and priceless gifts you can give. And remember - you may also need it some day.

28.When you believe God for the impossible, He will do the impossible for you. He responds to the level to which you can believe in Him.

29.And when you believe in Him, you assign Him to work on your behalf. This week, believe Him for supernatural and resounding testimonies.

30.Above all, receive fresh ideas, insight, wisdom, grace and strength to make a lasting impact. May you succeed with ease where others have struggled.

31.Don't pretend you care when in actual fact you don't; and don't pretend you don't when you truly do.

32.Hypocrisy has destroyed and robbed people of many good things than they can ever think of or imagine. Be real.

33.Having the right attitude or character is one of the greatest gifts a man can have in life. In fact, your attitude is the vehicle to your altitude.

34.No matter how gifted you are, there are heights you cannot get to if you don't have the right attitude.

35.Your gift is destined to bring you before great men, but your attitude or character can deny you that glory. Work on yourself.

36.Life is not merely built on what you know, but also what you do. Acquiring knowledge means nothing if it will not be applied.

37.Application makes all the difference. Until you practice or apply what you know, you will never secure your place in greatness. Work with what you know.

38.One of the strengths of maturity is the ability to acknowledge your mistakes and make genuine efforts to correct them.

39.Accepting you were wrong or made a mistake is not a sign of weakness; it is proof that you.can be trusted.

40.People love to follow those who can accept it when they make a mistake. Refusing to accept your errors does not make you perfect. Be wise.

41.While a bird flies, a fish swims. And while a fish survives in water, a bird dies when submerged into water for some time.

42.That is the law of uniqueness. We are all very different in our own ways and have our individual strengths and weaknesses.

43.Your strengths don't make you any better than others as much as your weaknesses do not make you inferior to them.

44.Encourage and help people to overcome their weaknesses and also appreciate them for their strengths - it won't take yours away.

45.Be a master in your field and you will see that competing with others is a very useless thing.

46.Competition is for people who haven't discovered their abilities and uniqueness in life. I can never imagine the sea competing with a tree.

47.Don't look down on yourself because you lack mastery in another man's field. You are a great package on your own.

48.There are three things that primarily define you, control your destiny or determines what you do:
  • What you see
  • What you hear
  • What you believe or digest

49.Until you control the above, you cannot control the direction of your life. The world is an open market place, but you are responsible for what you buy.
50.There are different fuels for running different engines and each must be used rightly. Pursuing a dream because of a challenge is good but sustaining it because of a challenge might not work. Succeed because it is in you not because of what is around you.

51.Success is synonymous to challenges and without challenges, success will have no value. Those who succeed equally face challenges as those who fail.
52.The difference however is in their mindset and determination. Better to try and fail than to not try at all. Step out.

53.Hurting someone can be as easy as throwing a stone in the sea but do you have any idea how deep that stone can go? Think before you hurt someone.