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Summary of Leviticus

If you were a boy in an ancient Israel and your great - great - great-grandfather was named Levi, you would be born with your career already planned. You would know where you live, what to wear, and exactly how to do your job. That is because the descendants of Levi -the Levites- were Israel's original priests and Leviticus was manual that they followed in the leading people in worship.

The priests were the religious leaders in the Old Testament. They served God by preparing sacrifices to God from people. People offered sacrifices to thank God and to ask for forgiveness for sins.

Priests were also responsible for maintaining the meeting place or “Tabernacle.” Many of the regulations in Leviticus deal with its worship in the Meeting Tent. -a portable sanctuary used as the Israelites that wandered in the wilderness after being freed from slavery in Egypt. The worship regulations also applied to the the Temple when it was built in Jerusalem about 350 years later.

This book is sometimes difficult for us to follow nowadays. It's filled with detailed ( sometimes repulsive ) instructions about animal sacrifices, building the Temple, and celebrating various religious festivals. It also contains explicit guidelines for all people about  diet, sexuality, personal relationships and other areas of live.

Why read this book
  • It helps to discover how worshipping God today is different from how it used to be (Leviticus 1-7)
  • It helps to learn about the ancient laws people followed to obey God ( Leviticus 18-20)
  • It helps to find out how people used to be punished for disobeying God's laws ( Leviticus 24-26)

Summary of Deuteronomy

The name “Deuteronomy” means “second law” . It summarises the laws which the Israelites received during their time in the desert.

Imagine, you have spent months reading books, listening in lessons and doing homework. You have learned lots of important information that will help you in the future. Then the week before the final exam, your teacher goes over what you have learned and urges you to remember everything that has happened.

The book of Deuteronomy is a lot like that final revision week. The Israelites, after wandering around the desert for forty years, were preparing for the “final test” -about to enter God's promised land. But before that happened, their leader , Moses , made a point of delivering three “revision lesson” sermons.

In these sermons, Moses reminded God's people of all that he had done for them, and warned them against turning away from him as they entered the new land. Moses encourages God's people to obey the laws- not because of some empty sense of “duty” , but out gratitude for God's unlimited love.

Why Read This Book
  • It helps to be reminded of all the good things that Good has done for his people ( Deuteronomy 1-4)
  • It helps to find out what God requires of people because of his species relationship with them ( Deuteronomy 5-28)
  • It helps to see what God has in store for his people, when they do right and when they do wrong ( Deuteronomy 29-30)

Summary of Numbers

It is  an important rugby match and there is just the chance for a try. You go for it and lose the ball. Within seconds the opposition are another five points up. Your discouraged team faces a long struggle if they are to turn the score in their favour.

On a far greater scale, the book of Numbers tells a similar story. The Hebrew people had been delivered from slavery in Egypt and were on their way to God's promised land. But they disobeyed God and spent forty years wandering a hostile desert.

Numbers tells how God punished his people who had lost faith both in themselves and in him. It teaches us the importance of obeying and following God with all our heart , and shows how God patiently and persistently disciplines his stubborn children.

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Numbers gets its name from the census taken both at the beginning and at the end of the book. However, its original name “ In the Desert” is more accurate.

Why read this book
  • It helps to learn what can happen when you don't trust God's power ( Numbers 13-14)
  • It helps to see God plans to be good to his people ( Numbers  22-24)
  • It helps to read about the first equal rights for women ( Numbers 27:1-11)

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Summary of Exodus

“ Free at last, free at last; thank God Almighty, we are free at last .” This song celebrated freedom from slavery. And it became an important song in the American civil rights struggle in 1950s and 1960s. But the song could also have been sung by the Israelites as they escaped from Egypt with Mose as their leader.

The Israelites had been settled in Egypt about 400 years earlier when. Joseph arranged for them to be Egypt’s guests ( See Genesis 47:1-12). But, in time, Egypt's rulers died, and the new rulers turned the Israelites into slaves. The Israelites longed for freedom from the horrific slavery.

Exodus tells how God took the Hebrew people -descendants of Abraham -and shaped them into the nation of Israel.

The book begins with story of Moses being saved from  death. Rescued by the kings daughter, Moses grew up in the king’s place. When Moses became an adult, God called him to lead the Israelites to freedom. Though filled with uncertainty, Moses answered God's call and argued with the Egyptians king.
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Reasons for Reading Exodus
  • It helps to discover how God works in miraculous ways to set people free. ( Exodus 1-18)
  • It helpd to learn guidelines for living as they are described in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20)
  • It helps to compare ancient worship practices with worship today. (Exodus 25-31, 35-40)

Read,reflect and recite , Exodus today.

Summary of Genesis

For weeks, you work tediously in art class creating a clay scripture. You carefully shape the soft clay. One Friday, you leave the most finished scripture to harden. On Monday, you return. You find your clay twisted into a chaotic, unrecognizable blob. Rage and sadness swell up in you. You must begin the painstaking work all over again.

Genesis tells a similar story. It's the story of God's loving care in creating the world. But the story has a dark, twisted side. Genesis tells of human rebellion, murder and other human evil as people rebel against God.

Genesis falls naturally into two parts. Chapters 1-11 talk about the beginnings of the world. Here you'll read the famous stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, and the tower of Babel. Each story shows how people often twist and destroy the gifts that God has given them.

Then chapters 12-50 talk specifically about the beginnings of the Hebrew people, later known as Israelites. You'll read about Abraham, the father of the nation , and his sons. And the book concludes with the story of Joseph, who God was able to use for great things even after his brothers had sold him into salary.

Genesis is the one of the most important books in the Bible. Not only does the rest of the Bible build the foundation laid in this book, but the book shows how, from the beginning, God has used special people to play important roles in his world.

Reasons for Reading Genesis
  • It helps to reflect on the beauty and wonder of God's creation(Genesis 1-2)
  • It helps to learn how God responds to rebellion against him ( Genesis 3-11)
  • It helps to discover how God keeps his promises (Genesis 12-24)
  • It helps to see how God works for good even during bad times (Genesis 37-50)

Read,reflect and recite , Genesis today.