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The Beauty of Motherhood
Poet :- Adewale Osunsakin

Sweet mother sweeter than honey
Cook for me when there is no money
Prettier than gold
More precious than diamond to be sold
Oh precious mother your loving spirit thrills me
No place to be.

I couldn’t have been conceived
I couldn't have believed
I couldn't have  been bred
I couldn't have been fed
I couldn’t have been born
I couldn't have won.

In her womb for nine months less or plus
Even when there is no cash in her purse
In her bossom she cuddles me like teddy
Ill or Healthy she caressed my body
Compassion celebrates kindness
Laughter celebrates happiness.

She taught me toltering makes me walk uprightly
She taught me babbling when I am growing brightly
She taught me laughter when I cried loudly
She taught me love when I frowned proudly
She taught me how to handle file
Her teaching last in my life

Untiredless are your efforts on me to be sound
If not the courage nowhere to be found
Kudos to your work on  me yesterday
Your training of rural rugged has worked today
Thank you mother for conception of me into this world
Thank you mother for work and word


The Tithe Poem

Tithe his land, tithe his bed,
Tithe the table at which he's fed.
Tithe his tractor, tithe his mule,
Teach him tithe are the rule.

Tithe his work, tithe his pay,
He works for peanuts anyway!
Tithe his cow, tithe his goat,
Tithe his way, tithe his coat.


Tithe his ties, tithe his shirt,
Tithe his work, tithe his dirt.
Tithe his food, tithe his drink ,
Tithe him if he tries to think.

Tithe his trousers, tithe her skirts,
If he cries, then tithe his tears.
Tithe his car, tithe his gas,
Find other ways to tithe his glass.

Tithe all he has then let him know,
That you won't be done till he has no dough.
When he screams and hollers then tithe him more,
Tithe him till he's good and sore.

Then tithe his time, tithe his prayer,
Tithe what he listens to on radio player,
No matter the ordeal and plight,
Always tithe his tithe.


When You're Too Tired To Hope
There are times in your life
when all that you could do is rest.

You cannot love,
you cannot dream,
you don’t know where to start,
and you don’t know where to go.

You want to change your life,
but you’re too weak to move,
you’re too tired to think,
too hurt to heal,
too numb to make amends,
too lost to even hope,
too tired to even pray.

Rest then O heart,
and rest then O soul,
for the journey has been too much for you,
and the world has left you wounded 
and alone.

Sleep then for a while,
let go of all your woes.
Lie down in trust,
and let your tears flow down as they should.

Somebody’s watching,
Somebody’s catching your every tear.
Fear not, for in the quiet of the night
you’re in the arms of Him
who loves you most.

Think not of your worries,
think not of your wounds,
for they shall be healed.
In time shall you find comfort,
and you shall find peace.

O blessed peace,
claim your portion and your strength.
May your soul know what stillness means,
and may the very marrow of your bones
find ease.

Time has come to stop your restless wanderings,
and for all the useless work to cease.
Let God work while you are sleeping,
and in the morning
may you find all things new and sweet.

Beloved,the Bible has given us deep insights into the secrets of GOD. GOD reacts to holy disturbances. In order words, you can disturb GOD till He has no choice but to arise and attend to your request. Aggressive prayers is like the prayers of a mad Prophet. Do you want your enemies to keep oppressing and finally sending you to an early grave. If you desire a breakthrough,in any area of your life,today is your day!
(1)Every satanic checkpoints,checkmating my breakthroughs,catch fire by fire,in the name of JESUS.
(2) Every satanic court of appeal overturning my miracles,scatter by fire,in the name of JESUS.
(3) Every witchcraft gathering summoned to enforce failure in my life,be scattered,in the name of JESUS.
(4) Every power twisting my testimonies,die by fire,in the name of JESUS.
(5) Agents of bad luck,what are you waiting for? Scatter,in the name of JESUS.
(6) O heavens,release violent angels to cause riots in the camp of my enemies,in the name of JESUS.
(7) Anointing for uncommon breakthroughs,fall upon me now,in the name of JESUS.
(8)Say this to yourself,"My blessings,hear the words of the LORD:"Do not pass me by",in the name of JESUS.
(9)O GOD of Elijah,multiply my miracles,in the name of JESUS!