How to Manage and Control Ego In A Relationship

How to Manage and Control Ego In A Relationship

Having ego in a relationship is a good thing but it only becomes bad when it's excessive or is blown out of proportion. In a relationship learn to compromise don't put your needs above that of your partner it's a relationship because it involves two parties don't let your ego drive special people away from you. At times learn to let go and it will amaze you how special people will come your way.

However, the following are ways of managing and controlling ego in relationship;

Understanding Your true Self
At the bottom of letting go of or controlling your ego is knowing your true self. Now let me ask you. What do you love most about yourself? What do you value most?

This is not easy and will definitely take some time but you must learn to understand and know yourself worth as well as identify your core values and goals. You must let others get in the way of that and you will realize your ego need not be destructive

Remember That You Don't always Have To Be Right
It's okay to be wrong sometimes. No one is perfect. Understanding your true self will help you realize that you cannot be right in every situation. There will always be situations where you make a wrong call, have a wrong attitude or simply on a wrong side.

You must learn discern these situations and not be afraid to admit your wrong. It will be difficult in the beginning but being able to admit when you wrong gives a sense of freedom.

Overcome The Need To be Better Than Everyone Else
An ego out of control leads you to think your better than everyone else, that you're superior in every way. Just like remembering you don't have to be right all the time. There will always be someone better, more beautiful, smarter and faster. From infant hood to adulthood this has always been the case. The sooner you realise that you should not feel obligated and cannot be better than everyone else, the sooner you can mend your relationships.

Practice Tolerance And Determine Not To be  Easily Offended
In A Relationship you must learn to tolerate your partner. You have to be very accommodating and be determined to train yourself to that point whereby you won't be easily offended by the little things your partner does or says.

You have to work on your ego if it's excessive so as to be very forgiving and have the ability to forget the things he or she does that upset you or hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

Practice Contentment
Just as you can set your mind to be more tolerant..and not being offended easily you can set your mind to be content with what you have. Having this mindset can help you cover all of the things above. Knowing that you have what you need and most of all other things are superfluous, will help you be more open to what others have to say and understand how they behave.