Sample of Examination Question on English Studies for Primary Three

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  Read the comprehension passage and answer the questions below

Lukman goes to school on foot every day. Before he gets to school, he crosses a busy expressway. Lukman is a very careful boy. He uses the zebra crossing to cross because he does not want to be knocked down by a car, bus or motorcycle
At the zebra crossing sign on the road, he waits, looks right, looks left and looks right again. When the traffic has obeyed the traffic lights, he quickly walks across the road. Where there is no zebra crossing, he uses pedestrian bridges if there is one or he asks older people to help him cross safely

How does Lukman goes to school? (a) By ferrari (b) By sandal (c) By foot (d) By traffic

What does he do before he gets to school? (a) he eats rice and stew (b) he carries his younger ones (c)he sleeps a lot (d) he crosses a busy express road

How does he cross the expressway? (a) he uses Microscope (b) he uses the zebra crossing (c) he jumps in a car (d) he sings

Why is he careful to cross the expressway? (a) he does not want to be knocked down (b) he has his own bus (c) he has his own car (d) he is a boy

What other ways does he use in crossing the road? (a) He uses the road (b) he uses the pedestrian bridge (c) he uses his hand (d) he climbs zebra to cross

Pick the correct word that has each of these sounds
/e/  (a) road (b) think (c) toilet (d) watering

/Ͻi/ (a) pole (b) oil (c) combing (d) pot

/a/ (a) correct (b) fat her (c) shoulder (d) show.

Pick out the correct adjectives in these sentences.

Everyone wished James a happy birthday. (a) Everyone (b) wished (c) happy (d) a

The teacher is holding a thick book. (a) The teacher (b) is holding (c) thick (d) book 

John always takes the largest share (a) takes (b) is taking (c) largest (d) underline

Pick from option A- D the word that is similar in meaning to the underlined words.

The little girl is wearing a beautiful dress (a) Sweet (b) attractive (c) long (d) Short.

It is a nice day. (a) Pleasant (b) duty (c) Crispy (d) Party
Choose the right word from options A- D to complete each of the following sentences

14. The practice of keeping oneself or the things around you free of dirt ____________ (a) Cleanliness (b) truthfulness (c) Carelessness (d) cruelty.

Good behavior towards someone is _________ (a) watchfulness (b) dizziness (c) free (d) soup.

Treatment of someone in a fair way or giving someone a deserved punishment (a) Judiciary (b) Justice (c) Cleanliness (d) Obedient.

Working with a lot of effect is _____________ (a) Working (b) hardworking (c) running (d) walking

___________ is when someone always tells the truth and does not cheat or steal (a) Cunning (b) humility (c) telling (d) drill.

An ___________ person does what they are told to do or what a law rule e.t.c. says they must do (a) Cruel (b) Cruelty (c) Obedient (d) Harsh

Choose the right answer from options A – D.

Who is the mother of Obinna? (a) Ugo (b) Clamma (c) Ethoma (d) Amadi

How many churches came to visit Amadi? (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 1 (d) 5
__________ is the Beloved Child (a) Clara (b) Traditional (c) Ikota (d) Obinna.

Why did Obinna travel to Ado? (a) To greet his aunt (b) For an examination (c) To see his friends (d) To buy fish.

What is the full meaning of YCSA (a) Young Cast Schedule Advantage (b) Yelling Conservative Student Admin (c) Young

Christian Servant Association (d) Young Church Serving Adversary.

Who wrote the book titled ‘The beloved Child (a) Joel Oruche (b) Joel Onuche (c) Joel Onuchar (d) Oruche Jonah

Can I take Olu with me? (a) Yes you can (b) Yes you didn’t (c) No you wasn’t (d)  Yes you were.

Ada`s father has lived in Makurdi ____________ five years (a) four (b) fort (c) through (d) for.

Choose the first word which will come first which arranged alphabetically
Beg           band             big          bunch
Tend           time             two          try
Orange           Oven             Okra          Open.

Write a composition on My School (10 Marks)
Re- arrange each of these words to form another word
Example Pot – top
Owns    =  S _________ w__________ ______-___
Nats      =  n _________  s ___________
Lamps   =  p a _____________  ___________ s
Reap     =   p  a __________  _________s
Pots       =   __________________.  (20 Marks)