The main objectives of education are personal development, social development and  national development. The role of teacher for future society has changed and it’s a most useful for every person those who are engage in Teaching-Learning process. Teacher becomes human resources for the nation, society and industry. Globalization is affecting the culture, economy and information. Teacher should not only facilitate learning but should also promote citizenship training and active integration into society, develop curiosity, critical thinking and creativity, initiative and self-determination. Teacher wide roles are to support school and pupil success. Children have different strategies for learning and achieving their goals. Pupil disruptions will occur frequently in classes that are poorly organised and managed where pupils are not  provided with appropriate and interesting instructional tasks. The pupil behaviours are influenced by the quality of the teacher and pupils relationship. Relations for the modernisation of teacher education is that good education requires good teacher. Most capable are appropriate people be recruited into the teaching profession, provided with a high quality pre-service programme of teacher education.
Modern education system is pupils centred in that context, teacher role be changed. The education system of the 21st century has changed radically with the integration of the technology in every sector. At the same time, the pupils are more matured than the previous time. The twenty-first-century education depends on thinking skills, interpersonal skills, information media, technological skills as well as life skills. Especially, the education of the present time emphasis on life and career skills. Now there has no value for rote learning. In general, it needs to meet the industry need. To clarify, the teaching will be effective when a pupil can use the lesson outside of the classroom.
For changing the globalizing world, the role of the teachers is essential to improve the sustainable education. At the same time, inspiring and guiding the pupils in increasing employability skills with the digital tools is the prerequisite for a teacher. Thus a teacher in the twenty-first century will be a digital teacher. Teachers are not the facilitator for learning of the pupils only, and now they are responsible for training the pupils for increasing employability skills, expanding the mind, growing digital citizenships, critical thinking, and creativity as well as sustainable learning. Thus, the winning of the pupils is the win of the teachers. With the passes of time and integration of technology in every sector, the teacher’s role has changed a lot. They need to enrich some skills to develop their pupils. Otherwise, the pupils will not get the lesson, and it will increase the  rate of educated unemployed in the digital era.
  • Learner-centered classroom and personalized instruction
Pupils have different personalities, goals, and needs, and offering personalized instruction is not just possible but desirable. When pupils are allowed to make their own choices, they own their learning, increase intrinsic motivation, and put in more effort—an ideal recipe for better learning outcomes. As today’s pupils have access to authentic resources on the web, experts anywhere in the world, and peers learning the same subject somewhere else, teaching with textbooks is very 20th-century. Today’s pupils should develop their own driving questions, conduct their research, contact experts, and create final projects to share, all using devices already in their hands. All they need from their teacher is guidance. Today’s pupils have the latest and greatest tools, yet the usage in many cases barely goes beyond communicating with family and friends via chat, text, or calls. Even though pupils are now viewed as digital natives, many are far from producing any digital content. They own expensive devices with capabilities to produce blogs, infographics, books, how-to videos, and tutorials, just to name a few,
  • A Planner for 21st Century Careers
This is the most competitive world, and there has the diverse option to choose the next career for a pupil. In this case, a teacher needs to become a big planner to support them according to their psychology. The future of a pupil will depend on 4C’s (Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity). It is the duty of a teacher to introduce  the mentioned terms very clearly. The pupils will need to try several multidisciplinary jobs. So the teachers will define where they will give more importance and which skills are just for adding value or keeping as optional. It will ensure better learning environments and the pupils will be engaged with the lesson. Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.
  • A digital Instructor for Different Ways of Learning
Effective teachers don’t limit the learning resources for the pupils. Correspondingly, they are the best instructor for the pupils. In contrast, they will create the learning materials entertaining. In the digital age, you can find a lot of resources who are teaching the course efficiently. The instructor knows how to make the meaningful learning opportunities for all pupils. Providing practical examples in the classroom or collaborating in a class with another teacher can also help them to learn perfectly. To emphasize, they know mixing the knowledge with an expert collaborator can make the pupil motivated.
  • A Technology Lover for Learning
Now, it is so tough to attract the pupils without the use of technology. If you don’t teach the right use of technology and how to find the internet resources, they will get the evil resources. Important to realize, a teacher needs to learn how to read the psychology and what the pupils want. With attention to, if you can’t maintain the online community with the pupils, you will not be able to inform the pupils about the world. Indeed, there has no way of the teachers to deal with the pupils without learning the technology and internet world. As a result, when you want to build the nation, you have to develop yourself first.. Then again, they keep knowledge about which jobs will be available in the next decade. In addition, they learn the newest technology to help the pupils. To put it differently, they know how to combine the technology, pedagogy, and content which will ensure Real-World Problem Solving and cooperative learning.
  • Upper primary classes (4-6) can make use of tablet phones programmed with educational  curriculum, subject notes, common entrance past examinations questions, skill acquisitions and other educational tools to pace up with demanding 21st century teaching development.  
  • The school can introduce e-lesson note ( Electronic lesson note ) format to prepare note of lessons. This is part of 21st latest teaching development in which some schools have started usin since the beginning of this 21st century.
  • The school can introduce electronic examinations instead of the usual paper examinations mode. It can be in this format pre-primary to primary 3 can continue usual format due to age and handling, while primary 4-6 can partake in e-examinations.
  • Incorporation of technical and scientific clubs (i.e, computer club) , school boys scout, entrepreneurial clubs (i.e, tailoring) , Taekwondo and karate club in which the intrested pupils can join but on monetary basis to pay the experts trainners.
  • English studies should be broken into various aspects ( i.e Grammar, Comprehension, Literature) and each aspect being handled by specialist. Introduction of Dictation as subject especially for the lower basics.
  • School management can create school's Facebook page/groups, twitter page , or WhatsApp group to partake in the 21st century socialization.
Who will be the illiterate of the 21st century? The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. So, as a nation builder, you may say your pupils are busy with the computer or mobile games or browsing the internet. Here you need to point out the resources on the web. It will increase the interest of the pupils. By all means, follow all the above rules if you want to become a self-award winner teacher in the 21st century. To summarize it all, a teacher needs to follow the quote from Henry Ford, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."