Prospects Of Teaching And Learning Business Education In Junior Secondary Schools, A Case Of Study Of Some Selected Secondary Schools In Akure South Of Local Government Ondo State

It is difficult to pin point the exact beginning of Business Education in Nigeria. In the teaching and learning of Business Education, the students should be equipped with such competencies that would help him meet the needs of the business world. This paper takes a cursory look at the teaching and learning of Business Education (Secretarial Option) in Junior Secondary Schools in Ondo State and its relevance to the present day business needs. This paper makes some recommendations on how students of Business Education can acquire the entrepreneurial skills to make them relevant in the business world.

Background to the study
      Business Education like other subjects is first and foremost an instrument of business. It consists of an arbitrary system or pattern of resources in business activities of the student by means of which man imparts to others and shares with other, his thoughts, emotions and desires that is why Hocket as quoted by Patter (1960) says Business Education is the most important valuable single possession of human race.
        The importance of Business Education as a prominent way of transaction in this country (Nigeria) especially in the Yoruba land cannot be overemphasized. One could rightly describe it as the pilot on which the international and integration lives of people in Nigeria revolved. It came to be inherited in the western activities of the early Europeans – missionaries merchants and later colonizers of the trade routes. The prospects of teaching and learning of Business Education in Junior Secondary School is to expose the students to business activities in their environment.
        Business Education is also one of the subjects in the school curriculum. Its contribution is of no small measure to the realization of the national objectives of the trade activities.                             It is the only medium of instruction generally used in schools where it is applicable. It also helps in the aesthetic sensibility of the students in understanding and expending their experiences. Inspite of this, teachers and students have negative attitudes towards the teaching and learning of Business Education. As a result of this, the performances of the students in Business Education have not been encouraging for the past years.
         These have drawn public outcry on why this should be so. Some students cannot even express or write effectively the Business terminologies. It can therefore be inferred that students may be directly related to low extent of teaching and learning of Business Education in schools.
         The importance of Business Education as a subject in the school curriculum, the problems associated with its teaching and learning and the attitude of teachers and students cannot but draw the attention of scholars to the investigation of specific problems and the extent to which it is taught. This has become necessary in view of the urgency of improving students avoid the teaching and learning of Business Education in our Junior Secondary Schools. As a result of this, specifically the study will look into the influence of the students ability in Business Education, lack of facilities, the government policy, the teachers characteristics towards the teaching of Business Education.

1.2    Significance of the study
     This study will reveal some of the factors that are affecting the prospects of teaching and learning of Business Education in Junior Secondary School in Ondo State. It will also enable the students, government, the school administrator, the parents and the teachers make goal use of factors and blend them where necessary to provide for better learning and teaching of Business Education.

1.3    Research questions
     It is not expected that all the selected primary school teachers and students would be interested in Business Education. It is the assumptions of this study that if the specific problems confronting the teaching and learning of Business Education are exposed, it may improve both teachers and students attitude and interest. This study sets out to cover the following specific questions.
  1. Is Business Education taught by qualified and experienced teachers ?
  2. To what extents is Business Education taught in selected school in Akure town of Ondo State?
  3. Does the students’ parents have any exact influence on the learning of Business Education?
  4. What is the attitude of students to the teaching of Business Education?
  5. Does the government attitude towards Business Education affect the teachers and students in teaching and learning of Business Education?

   Statement of the problems          
        There have been public outcries on why there are always the obstacles for students. There are also different views on why students often perform poorly in Business Education during external examinations. This study sets out to give the cause of the problems affecting the prospects of teaching and learning of Business Education. It is the assumption of this study that statements of the problem include the following.
Teachers: How they affect the teaching of Business Education in the selected school. Availability of teaching aids and textbooks and how these affect the teaching and learning of Business Education.
Limitation of the study
        This study will be restricted to four secondary schools in Akure South Local Government of Ondo State. The reason for choosing only four secondary schools is because of the following reasons. The distance between the various primary schools in the township, as a result of this, more secondary school cannot be covered.
      Also, this study will involves boys and girls selected primary school specifically J.S.S. 1 – 3 during the process of reasoned teachers of Business Education in the four selected schools will also be invited in giving the necessary information in collaboration with the school principals.The study will look into all the possible methods of teaching and learning direct or indirect.

  Definition of terms    
i.    Business studies: Business studies can be seen as five in one a pre-vocational subject that equips students with basic management skills, necessary to perform excellently well as either a career officer or a successful businessman.
ii.   Office practice: This concerned with an office and the performance of all clerical activities includes receiving, recording, sorting, storing and retrieving information.
iii.  Commerce: This is an aspect of business studies that is concerned with trade and aid to trade. Trade is the buying and selling and distributing of goods and services. While aids to trade are the factors that make trades possible on a large scale.
iv.    Book keeping: It is the systematic recording of all cash and credit transaction into the relevant books of account. The books of account are the books of original entry and the ledger.
v.    Shorthand: This is the use of signs and symbols to represent spoken sounds. Shorthand is phonetic in nature as words are written as they are pronounced. Because of its irrelevance in the present day economic world; It has been faced out of the present curriculum.

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