North Korea Shot Two Short Range Missiles

The North Korea shot two short range missiles the military from the South Korea uttered. Analysts said that the North is trying to increase pressure on the United States over its failure to make concessions. The two missiles were fired at about 16:30 local time (07:30 GMT) and reached an altitude of about fifty kilometres before falling into the sea, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

However, the missiles fired from the north-western city of Kusong travelled 420km (260 miles) and 270km towards the east.They were launched from Kusong, some 160km from the capital, Pyongyang. Detailed analysis was being carried out in co-operation with United State intelligence officials, it added.

It can be observed that the tests came as a top United States envoy is in South Korea for talks on how to break the deadlock over nuclear negotiations.

More over, the North fired several short-range missiles, the first missile test since it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in November 2017.


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