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Kylian Mbappe Receives League 1 Player of the Year Award, Looks for Bigger Roles

Kylian Mbappe received league 1 player of the Year Award and aspiring for more bigger roles in Paris Saint-German. The French International whose age is twenty years is also in doubt whether to continue in PSG or somewhere else to executive his career potentials.  
Kylian Mbappe said categorically that role could come either at PSG or “maybe somewhere else”, casting his future into doubt while hinting that he could leave the club in search of a new challenge.

He however explained the challenges that occurred in the  just concluded season thus, "Of course there were some disappointments [this season] but it's part of football, we managed to win this league," he said after accepting the award.

He further said, "I would like to thank the players, the coach, the club again. It's important for me because I come to a first or a second turning point in my career.

Moreso, "I discovered a lot of things here. I feel it's time to have more responsibility. I hope it may be Paris Saint-Germain, it will be with great pleasure, or it may be elsewhere for a new project, but I would like to say thank you.
Painstakinlgly, Mbappe went further to clarify his comments when asked if he was saying that he wasn't guaranteed to stay at PSG next season. “I said what I had to say. When you are in such an occasion you can send messages, I think I have sent mine," he said.