Great Detonation Occurs In Lyon Several People Have Been Injured

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A great detonation recently occurred in  Lyon, one of the cities in France and several people have been injured from the disaster. The incident occurred on Friday around  5:30 pm local time (11:30 am ET) on the corner of Victor Hugo road and Sala road.

The cause  for the fulmination is yet to be detected.

However, according to a reliable source, emergency responders have been deployed to assist the wounded people in the place where the incidence occured.

More so,  a spokesperson for the Police Nationale said  that the priority would be assisting the wounded, "regardless of if it was a car crash or a terrorist attack."

Further more, the Auvergne Rhone Alpes regional police said a number of people had been "lightly injured" and that the chief of police and prosecutor were on the scene according to their tweet on twitter.

Consequently, “The reasons for the explosions will be searched for later," the Police Nationale somewhat uttered.