French League Plans to Stop Homophobic Abuse

The French league has started planning for the way of stopping homophobic abuse. The plan unveiled on Monday by Ligue 1 president Nathalie Boy de la Tour. He said  abusive fans should be worried.

In the this regard, starting next season, in cooperation with the International League against Racism and anti-Semitism (LICRA) and a group fighting violence and discrimination against LGBT people, the French league will distribute forms allowing spectators to report the sexist, homophobic, or racist incident they witness.

More so, the French league previously struggled to identify the perpetrators of homophobic chants, but with its new process, sanctions are expected to kick in. Often heard at French league matches, homophobic chants have been tolerated for a long time by many club officials, and football authorities have struggled to find appropriate ways of tackling the issue.

"The LICRA will be able to start the appropriate judicial procedures," Boy de la Tour said. "And it will also give a basis to work with to our disciplinary commission."