Effects Of Parental Educational Background On Students’ Academic Performance In Business Studies In Some Selected Secondary Schools In Akure South Local Government Of Ondo State

The Purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of parental educational background on students’ academic performance, in some selected secondary schools in Akure South Local Government area of Ondo State. The study is a descriptive type. The subjects that constituted the sample for the study were (60) sixty JSS3 students and (3) three Business Studies teachers randomly selected from four secondary schools in Akure South Local Government of Ondo State. The instruments used were four separate questionnaires on for the student s only. The returned questionnaires were sorted out to collect data. The data collected were analyses using simple percentile. The result of the study showed that students from good homes performed well in Business Studies, than the students from bad homes. Based on the result, it was recommended to all agents involved in the training of the students especially on the academic performance to ensure mutual relationship between the parents and the children which has been confirmed to have a significant influence on the performance of the students of Business Studies.

1.1     Background of the study
Among all the subjects that students offer in the Junior Secondary School, Business Studies has won a permanent and an important position. It is one of the compulsory subjects that students cannot but offer both in Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School respectively. This may be as a result of the fact that it teaches the basic business skill of the subjects’ evaluation and manipulation of things. In fact, in our society of today, hardly is there any field of such, in business education one could enter into without acquiring the knowledge or business studies. It is so important that the Federal Government of Nigeria places special emphasis on its teaching and learning at the Junior Secondary and Tertiary levels of education in the country.
    In fact, to be eligible for admission into most of our commercial schools today, especially in the junior section before you can choose commercial studies in Senior Secondary School you have to pass Business Studies in Junior Secondary examination.
    As important as this subject is in our present day society, the persistent dividing performances of students in it in both internal and external examinations has been a serious concern to all and sundry; the government, parents, educational administrators and the public at large.
    A lot of factors have been held responsible for the observed performances of students in Business Studies and the other commercial subjects. Some of these, according to Oyedeji (2007), Iroegbu (2004) and Jegede (2002) include sex, family size and environment teachers, school environment, relationship between teachers, parents and students. Availability of instructional and as well as home background
    The findings of the studies cited above indicated that research efforts have not been sufficiently focused on the effect of parental educational background on students academic performance in Business Studies. Knowledge of this is hoped to help teachers and educational authorities know how to deal with students and their parents so that there will be a great improvement in the students’ academic performance in the subject.
    The parent, according to Banjo (2007), is the earliest agency of education where the child is taught his first lesson by his parents, brothers, sisters, playmates, elders and the general condition of the parents.
    Fakuade (2008), was on the opinion on that since students come from various backgrounds and environment, they are motivated differently. Thus, the value which the home or family attaches to school education of a child determines the level of the child’s performances at school.
1.2    Statement of the problem
This study is aimed at finding out the major effects of parental educational background on students’ academic performance. Some of the areas of parental educational effect was that the study will cover are the reason why parents are involved in their children educational background of the students.
    Also, this study will state the major reasons why parental educational background have influenced or effects on their students’ academic performance.
1.3    Purpose of the study
The objectives of this study are to:
  1. Identify why effects of parental educational background on the students’ academic performance in business studies are rampant among secondary school students.
  2. Find out the reasons why students are running away from Business Studies in our schools.
  3. To investigate what can be done to improve the academic performance of the students without the involvement of their parents.
  4. To find out means or ways of eradicating the poor performance of the students in Business Studies in our secondary schools.
  5. To suggest the possible solutions for the improvement of academic performance in Business Studies.
1.4    Research Questions
This study seeks to find answer to the following questions.
  1. Does the effect of parents on the educational background of the students have an impact on the academic performance of Business Studies?
  2. Does the student from good homes of elites perform better in Business Studies than students from home illiterates?
  3. Does the parent contribute any possible results to the students’ academic performance?
  4. Does the government do anything to stop the parental involvement in educational background of their students?
1.5    Significance of the study
In Nigeria, like other countries of the world, most parents are not aware of why their children are performing well in their studies especially Business Studies. As a matter of fact, there is hardly any difference on by the teacher which will eventually give rise to the poor performance in Business Studies in our secondary school of today.
1.6    Limitations and Scope of the Study   
For this study, the researcher is using four secondary schools namely; Aquinas College, Oyemekun Grammar School, St. Louis Grammar School, Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School. The schools are all at Akure township of Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State.
    The study is limited to Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State.
1.7    Definition of Terms
1.    Parents: Father and mother from which younger ones are derived or the person who take care food and shelter.
2.    Teacher: The person who impact knowledge to the students in order to achieve their educational gold.
3.    Student: The person who goes to the school in order to acquire more knowledge than the ones he/she has received from home.
4.    School: The place where knowledge is acquired i.e. primary, secondary and higher institution.