Earthquake Strikes Off Papau New Guinea the Second Time

An earthquake  of about 7.5 magnitude within one thousand kilometer of epicentre struck off Papau New Guinea for the second time again. It struck forty kilometres Northeast of the New Britain capital, Kokopo, at 12.58 UTC, and was ten  kilometers deep.

The US National Weather Service's Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has warned that “hazardous tsunami waves” are possible for coastal regions located within 1000km of the quake’s epicentre, limiting any potential waves to the PNG and Solomon Islands region.
Sadly , this is the second earthquake to hit Papua New Guinea in just over a week.

The first occurrence was on May sixth , a 7.2 quake rocked the region with shocks felt two hundred kilometers away from its epicentre in PNG’s capital, Port Moresby. This followed earthquakes in the region in February and March that measured 6.4 and 6.1-magnitude respectively.