China Police Uses Mobile App For Tracking

China police officers are now using mobile application to track and keep the records of major ethnic group called Uighurs in Xinjiang environments. This statement was release by  (RHW) Human Rights Watch.

The mobile application had reverse engineered to see how mass surveillance worked. This was recently reported by RHW

The mobile application is used to closely monitor behaviours, it said, including lack of socialising, using too much electricity or having acquaintances abroad. The Rights groups say Uighur Muslims are being severely persecuted in China.

Furthe more, the United Nations  has said there are credible reports up to a million Uighurs are being held in detention in Xinjiang, in what China says are "re-education centres".

Not that alone, from the rights group's report, the application is used by officials to record and file away information about people. In particular, it targets "36 person types" that authorities should pay attention to.

The 36 person types include people who seldom use their front door, use an abnormal amount of electricity and those that have gone on Hajj - an Islamic pilgrimage - without state authorisation.