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Theresa May Asks Brussels To Extend Britain's EU Membership Until June 30

Theresa May has already asked Brussels to extend Britain's EU membership until June 30 to allow talks with the Labour Party in search of a different exit plan.

It is a last-ditch attempt to keep control after parliament rejected May's own Brexit deal three times. But MPs want additional legal guarantees against a "no-deal" exit happening on April 12 - the current exit day.

However, the Britain's parliament has approved legislation giving lawmakers the power to scrutinise and even change Prime Minister Theresa May's request the European Union agree to delay Brexit until June 30.

The bill, which has received its final rubber stamp approval from Queen Elizabeth, gives MPs the chance to make legally binding changes to May's requested departure date during a debate scheduled for Tuesday.

More so, Britain's House of Lords had earlier approved the legislation. May is due to travel to Paris and Berlin on Tuesday to press her request for a short delay, before it is formally discussed by EU leaders on Wednesday. The decision can be vetoed by any of the other 27 member states.


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