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Ghana Earns The 9th Position Globally In Terms Of Hours Spent On Social Media

According to 2019 reports, Ghana has earned the 9th position globally in terms of hours spent on social media. Despite the fact that they complain of economic hardships and lack of employment, they certainly are not idle on a daily basis but are actually able to raise the resources needed – internet data, smartphones, computers – to keep themselves active on the internet, particularly social media.
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In contrary scenario, millions of Ghanaians
may on a daily basis complain about lack of employment opportunities and economic hardships.

The amount of time spent on the internet is usually linked to cost affordability associated with personal income level or the free provision of internet facilities such as hotspots by the state.

Ghanaians spend considerably longer hours online than their African counterparts, which could mean that the West African nation spend a significant amount of cash on internet bundles for accessing social media.