Think for Before You Vote

Nigerians need to reflect on where the country was in 2015 when he took over power and where the country is today, before deciding on who to vote for. Here are the situations then, and now:

1. In 2015 fuel was N87/litre and now N145/litre

2. In 2015 exchange rate was N187/Dollar and now N360/Dollar

3. In 2015 a bag of rice was N7000 and now N18000 a bag

4. In 2015 a mudu of gari was N120 and now N600 per mudu

5. In 2015 kerosene was N50/litre and now N350/litre

6. In 2015 killings were limited to North East now it's everywhere.

7. In 2015 Fulani herdsmen were hardly heard of, now they are reigning, killing at will in Taraba, Benue, Plateau,  Enugu, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger, etc.

8. In 2015 we hardly heared about a group called Miyetti Allah. But today Miyetti Allah reigns supreme; they boast of extra-judicial killings.

9. In 2015 Nigeria was the fastest growing economy in Africa but today Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world

10. In 2015 Nigerian youths were described as great, intelligent and innovative but today they are described as lazy Nigerian Youth.

11. In 2015 freedom of speech and rule of law were taken for granted by Nigerians but now these are rare, threatening our hard earned democracy.

12. In 2015 Nigerians were much more united, but today Nigerians are more divided than ever

13. In 2015 youths were being offered jobs, but presently 4 million Nigerians who had job, have lost their jobs and no replacement.

14. In 2015 all sections of the country were represented in the nation's security council, but now it is almost 100% one ethnic and one religious group all from the North.

Conclusively this another opportunity to decide who will rule again for next four years. Vote wisely.


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