Worthy Investment

Do you know that the things you have invested your time , talent and resources so far are what has made you who you are and brought you to where you are. There would be no difference in the present year and the coming one except in what you invest in. Then, if next year would be better than the present year , you must intentionally invest in the following;

  • Your Spirit: Invest in your spirit by getting new bibles that will aid your walk and work with God. Plan to attend retreats, conferences, seminars that will increase your knowledge of Christ, established you and that would cause God's grace and gift in upon you to find expression.

  • Your Mind: Develop your mind as per your career, profession or business by buying books , engaging mentors and counselors that are ahead of you and attending seminars and conferences that will give you cutting edge advantages over others in your endeavours. Update and upgrade your skils for lack of skills kills. Not upgrading skills5 has rendered many graduates unemployable and crippled in many businesses.

  • Your People: Be more intentional and deliberate about your relationship with your spouses , children, friends, colleagues, church members, associates etc. Don't just verbalise your love and care for them let them your attention when it's needed, not just when you need things from them. Remember, people don't know how much you know until they know how much you care.

  • Your Finances: Create multiple stream of income to enjoy more cash flow. Diversify your interest and capital. Invest in the money market , capital markey, property market and consumable market until you achieve financial stability and independence.

You are bound to grow in all-round strength as you invest your money , time and resources to enlighten, educate and empower yourself by developing skills to become a better leader, a better speaker, or just a better person. As you do these and many more, your next year will surely be better than the previous.