# Her Birth and Early Childhood
Irene Nawila was born on the 1st January, 1982 in Mbala in the Northern Province of Zambia, to Methodist parents. Irene has never entered into school and she cannot read or write.

Irene was called into her prophetic ministry at a very tender age. In 1990, when she was 8 years, she had her first prophetic dream which she could clearly remember. In that dream, she saw a hand of a human being writing on the wall, and when she woke up she found the writing on the wall but she did not know what that meant. In the morning her parents and everybody in the village came to see the writing and they too could not tell what it meant because the writing were in a foreign language. The writing remained on the wall for three days. On the third day a stranger came to the village.  Upon learning that there was some writing a girl saw three days earlier, he demanded to see the writing. The man came and saw the writing. He also was not able to read the foreign language. So he suggested that they pray to God to reveal to them what this was, and after praying he saw the writings changed to English saying “GOD IS LOVE.” 

In 1991 Irene had another dream, she was shown the throne of God in heaven and the one who sat on the throne was clothed with a white robe and His hair was as white as wool. She saw many angels surrounding the throne of God. She saw light from the throne of God in Heaven engulf her, and a dove descended from the throne of God flying through the path of light and to where she was sleeping. The dove circled her three times and sat on her chest for some time. Then she saw the dove ascend up to heaven and the light followed it. However, it was when she was 10 years, that she received the first vision.

On 3rd June, 1992 Irene was sent by her mother to draw water from the stream. As she walked along the path to the stream hanging a small empty bucket on her right arm, she saw light surround her and heard someone call her name from heaven, “Irene, Irene, Irene.” Surprised, she stood still lifting both her hands and looked up into the sky to see the one calling and immediately she was taken into vision.

Irene saw Heaven open like a curtain and a cloud started to descend from heaven. In the cloud was a man we in white clothes. The cloud covered His body from the waist down to His feet such that only His upper part of the body was visible. The man in the cloud came near and said, “Irene, I am Your God, the one who came to die for you on the cross. I am your LORD who brought out the Israelites from the Egyptian slavery. I am the LORD of the Sabbath. I have chosen you to do my work. Before you were born, I saw you in your mothers’ womb and I chose you. I want you to teach my people about the Sabbath. All those who know nothing about it tell them and them how to keep my Sabbath. You have seen My Face, from today I will never leave you. I will be with you always. I will be with you as you do the work I have given you, in sicknesses, in tribulations, in hunger and in poverty. Wherever you will be found there I will be also.” The LORD looked at Irene and further said, “The Methodist Church you congregate with is not my church. You have to be found in my church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” Irene heard all these things and told the man in the cloud that she would do all that He said. She then saw the Man in the cloud stretch His hands and lift her like a baby in His arms. He had a lovely face and looked very happy. He then said to her, “All you have seen and heard bear witness of it and tell it to your parents, relatives and all the people who dwell on the earth. Do not fear I will be with you in doing this work until the end of time.” The Man then put Irene down and the cloud ascended into heaven. And the heaven closed. The vision lasted for 3 hours.

When all this was happening, the wife to the village headman Mrs. Sinyangwe found her. She saw her standing still and looking into the sky whilst stretching her arms up with a bucket hanging by the right arm, she thinking the girl was under spiritual attacks, she went closer to help, but when she came near she was surprised at what she saw.  Irene was neither breathing nor was her heart beating. Her eyelids were wide open. Thinking the girl was dead, Mrs. Sinyangwe tried to close Irene’s eyelids but failed. But to her surprise the eyes were like solid glass when she touched them. Again she tried to make Irene lie down, because she thought she was dead while standing. Mrs. Sinyangwes’ face grew pale when she discovered that Irene was immoveable. She tried to remove the small bucket hanging on Irene’s’ right arm, but the wire-handle of the bucket was stuck to her arm and could not be removed. 

Later Mrs. Sinyangwe saw Mrs. Siame and Mrs. Musukuma coming from the village going to the stream. She immediately called them to help. All the three tried to make Irene lie down but they failed. Afraid they ran to the village to seek help. A lot of people from the village including strong men came to the scene. Men were asked to lift her home. They all failed to move her even an inch. They simply could not do anything with her. When Irene came out of the vision, she felt weak and fell down. She saw a lot of people surrounding her, who had come to see what was happening. She tried to speak but couldn’t. Her appearance was like one lacking blood. She was taken home, and she remained in that state for the next two days. 

On 6th June, 1992 while lying on her mat, she saw a man clothed in white and had wings who said, “Irene, the one you met on your way to the stream was the LORD Jesus Christ. Just do what He commanded you.” He then stretched his right hand and held Irene by the hand and she regained her strength and started speaking. She explained everything she heard and saw to all the people that were around. Irene told all her hearers that she was joining the Adventist Church. Upon hearing her testimony, some of them resolved to become Seventh-day Adventists too. 

On Sunday Irene went to church, the same Methodist church which was in the village. At church as they worshipped, the singing group she belonged to was called to sing a song. When they stood in front of the church to start singing, a strong wind came and shook the poorly built church. Everyone ran out of the church fearing that the church would fall on them. When they came outside the church, the wind continued blowing, but they noticed that Irene was inside the church and standing still with eyes fixed upward. Jesus had come to her telling her that Sunday was not the day of rest which He sanctified. He told her that The Methodist church was not His church. He told her that she was not supposed to be found in that church. She was told to belong to the SDA church. Then Jesus told her to go back home. People saw Irene leave the church and went back home. The following Saturday she did not go to church but rather went to church on Sunday. Again the same things as what had happened occurred the last Sunday. 

The following Sabbath on the 13th June, 1992 Irene with some of her friends and her young brother, decided to go to church in Kamiyanga Village. On their way around 08:00hrs Irene received the second vision. Her friends saw her stand still and look up toward the east as if seeing something. Some of the girls became afraid and ran way, but her now late brother, Ronald, encouraged the friends not to be afraid and told them that that’s what she experiences sometimes, so they decided to leave her alone and wait for her ahead.

In this vision Irene saw a white horse coming from the east in the sky. The one who sat on it was clothed in white and He had a golden rod in His right hand. As the horse was moving its legs were like burning fire. Irene looked at the one who sat on this white horse. He was but a very old man. His eyes were like burning fire. He said to Irene, “You have done well doing what I told you to do, keeping My Sabbath. I came to confirm whether you have obeyed my voice. Teach others to do likewise. This Church (SDA Church) is Blessed and placed on a higher ground giving light to all. Tell them this with all your strength, fear not.  And do not eat unclean things.” Then Irene saw the horse leave. When she came out of the vision, she felt weak and lay down by the roadside for about two hours. When she had regained the strength, she joined her friend; they proceeded to church although she felt sick.

From this time onward the LORD has been revealing to Irene messages of our time through dreams and visions to individual Christians and the church at large. She has received many messages concerning our time on judgment, the latter rain, the fall of Babylon, the sanctuary, the persecution of Gods’ people, the condition of Gods’ people in the last day, the second coming of Christ and many other messages.

Now these things are written to you brethren so that you have a clear picture about things which are taking place in these last days. The prophet Amos once said, “Surely the LORD God will do nothing, but he reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7). Remember, God said “… I, the LORD will make myself known unto him (Prophet) in a vision, [and] will speak unto him in a dream.”  (Numbers 12:6) And if we take heed, we shall prosper. “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” (Chronicles 20:20)