United States of American President Donald Trump has signed an order that will see all Americans worship on Sunday failure to which you have to be arrested for 10 years with hard labour.  

In all efforts to make America great again, the newly elected President say churches that worship on Friday and Saturdays will not be allowed in America.

According to the order signed, the president observed that celebrities like Jay-Z,Beyonce, Barrack Obama and others have come up with their own bible that is being interpreted that people must worship on Fridays and Saturday.

The President warned that if any American will not abide by the Sunday Law, they risk being Arrested for 10 years with hard labour.

"Every sunday is now designated National day of prayer. Anyone who refuses to observe sunday will be rebaptised,waterboarded or sent to jail for 10 years" reads the order.

"America is for God  and we are determined to make America great again. We want all the people to start worshiping the true God using the Holy bible not other bibles" lamented the President. It is believed that Donald Trump chose Sunday for all Americans to worship in order to curb crimes and evil activities surrounding the Country. This is a welcome development. 

Enough is enough.