Date : February 3, 2018  


Preacher : Dag Heward-Mills

READ: 2 Kings 5:1-16 man can do these miracles that thou doest, exce pt God b e with him.

John 3:2

Jesus was someone who went around eating with sinners, He was despised by the religious authorities of the day, and His followers were fishermen. Few rich men, if any, joined the fold. Large numbers of women followed Jesus, ministering to Him. All these and many more would lead to great questions about the greatness of Jesus Christ. It would be quite easy to miss the power of God on Jesus Christ. If you do not have eyes of the anointing you could easily join those who crucified him. Yet, Nicodemus had eyes to see the power of God at work in the Son of God. Often it is outsiders who recognize the anointed when he is operating in a subtle or casual anointing. Nicodemus told Jesus, “No one could do this unless God was with him.”

Elisha was a truly casual prophet. He did not desire greatness and was not interested in gaining favours with commanders of foreign armies. A little maid recognized the anointing and pointed out to the great commander, Naaman that there was a casual prophet called Elisha who could heal him of his disease. But Elisha did not even bother to show Naaman certain courtesies. He stayed indoors and sent a message to Naaman. “Go and have a bath in a river Jordan.” Today, many people miss the anointing for the same reason that Naaman almost did. 

How unexciting Elisha must have been to onlookers. And yet there was great power being manifested through the ministry of Elisha. Do not miss the power of God because of its bland and non-spectacular nature.

Start your day with a blessing!!