God desires for His people to put Him first in their lives. If you focus on God, things will focus on you. If you seek God like the world seeks things, you won’t need to seek things before things find you.

1. What is my waking up thought?
2. What do I do first on waking up daily?
3. What do I desire the most in life? (Phil. 3:10; Ps. 27:4)
4. In whose company am I the most comfortable?
5. With whom do I spend the most of my time?
6. What comes to mind first when money enters my hands?
7. What do I spend money on the most?
8. What is the most important consideration in my life’s choices?
9. Who do I fear to offend the most? (Prov. 29:25)
Who you fear to offend the most determines who you are really serving or worshipping
10. Who do I desire to please the most?
11. Who am I living for?/For whom am I living? (Phil. 1:21)
12. Where will I spend eternity?
God-first people are consequence conscious

Father, I have just one life to live and I must live it for You. Help me to live for You Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

- In the Name of Jesus, every satanic deposit in my life, you are going now! GO!

- Every chain tying my life, family and destiny, catch FIRE NOW!

- In the Name of Jesus, I receive what is mine NOW! satan, lose your grip on what is mine now!

- Every altar of witchcraft fighting my life, my family and my destiny, today is your end! CATCH FIRE NOW!

- Every excess luggage directed at me, that doesn’t belong to me, you are returned back to hell now!

- God shall use you to break the ancestral and generational curses of your family!
- Every witchcraft limitation, occultic manipulation and work of diabolism against your lineage is broken!
- Where your mother and father never reached, you shall reach there and cross there!
- What they said nobody in your family shall ever achieve, you shall achieve and cross it.
- Every satanic impartation on your life is returned back to hell!
- Anybody trusting God for anything to do with your reproductive system, that issue is sorted!
- By this time next week, you shall come back with the testimony that every plan against your life is cancelled!
- Every trace of shame, insult and reproach around your life, today marks the end of it!
- Anyone whose death they have already concluded, today, that death is cancelled!
- Anyone, be it you or your loved ones, who has been marked for death, that mark is hereby cancelled!
- Every chain on your life is broken and every Jericho wall standing between you and your inheritance is broken!
- Any deposit in your body, system and life that came here with you is leaving you now!
- Every spirit of premature death, GO! I arrest that spirit of widowhood now!
- I announce restoration! Whatever the enemy took in the spiritual or in the physical, it is returned now!
- Everyone trusting God for a visitation, that visitation is released now!
- Very soon, people will tell you congratulations! Congratulations
! Congratulations! Congratulations!
- Whatever tied you down, today, that yoke is broken!
- Between now and seven days, every altar manipulating your life and your father’s house is set on fire! You shall see the manifestations of this deliverance this week!
- Every load that is not yours that the enemy is putting on your head, today, it returns back to sender!