Devotional Type : Daily Dose

Many times we want to serve God, we want to do the will of God, we want to live the Christ like life but it sometimes seems ahead of us, and we are unable to cope. we come to the altar every Sunday to rededicate our lives, yet, we cant seem to do the things we want to do. I agree with us, doing the will of God transcends beyond emotions and merely a choice. Passion and affection for God only come to play in our lives when there is an expression of the spirit in us. It is the Spirit in us that crieth to God, 'Abba father'. 

What we should seek for to please God and build affections to doing the things of God is to seek the manifestation of the Spirit inside of us. we can't do it with our strength and mere choice. Apostle paul said, the things i dont want to do are the things i am doing, but a time came he overcame all those things. How? It came to pass when the affection was built through the spirit of God. what you need is the manifestation of the spirit and not just the indwelling. 

But how do we give room for manifestation of this spirit inside of us to build Godly affection? It is by providing it with what it works with which is of a same kind, and that is the word. Jesus said, it will take what belongs to him and show it to us. In other words, the spirit will take on the spirit (word of God) and show it to us in more light. But how does this word build affection?

The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life. John 6:63.

The only thing that is alive in this world is what has a spirit. if the gadget you are holding right now has a spirit it would fly. The spirit is the only thing that is active in this world. So, the spirit is not there to be idle but to manifest. So Jesus was telling us here that his words are spirit and life. In other words, if we fill ourselves with the word of God, we are filling ourselves with spirit. And there will surely be an automatic transformation inside of us. why? simply because the word we are ingesting into us are spirit. 

So to build this affection for God, you need the word of God. Affection for God is automatic when the spirit that drives the affection resides inside of us-which is the word of God. Read the word and your affection towards God will be established. But mind you, the word is not to be taken occasionally but always; day and night. By so doing, the affection will grow and grow and blossom. 

Accept Jesus today, he is the word of God, without him, there can be no impactation of the spirit which pleases God and receives from the word of God. jesus loves you.