Uncle Tunde grinned when he saw his daughter, Aduni and the husband Kehinde walked into the house. The old man, was on one of his rare visits to his in-law. He had to succumb after several pleas from his in-law to move from his confines of Ijebu   to Lagos to spend the Easter Holidays. This his in-law believed he needed to comfort him from the old man’s loneliness after his wife’s demise three months ago.

After dinner that evening, he whispered to his son in law that if they don’t mind, he would love to have a quick word with the couple after the children have gone to bed. By 9pm, the couple was back to the dinner table to hear what the old man had to say.

He started by asking them a simple question “What is the most important thing in your life Aduni ? She replied, “Daddy, it is the kids oo, they mean everything to me”. He then turned and asked Kehinde , the son in law the same question, he also beaming with pride said :it is the kids of course” they are the reason why I work so hard to ensure they have a better life”

Uncle Tunde replied, well said my children, I don’t mean to intrude on how to run your family, but I believe there is a fundamental error you would need to correct. He said “ I have observed how much you both love your kids and dedicate all your time for them. 
Forgive me if I have eaves dropped a couple of times, but doesn’t all your conversation bother on the kids? The coupled stared sheepishly in admission to the assertion.

He continued, I am a poultry farmer, and the biggest egg supplier in my district. I make my money by the quantity of eggs sold. That said, my priority has always been providing optimal care for the chicken. Because I know that when the chicken are healthy and productive, the eggs will come automatically. If I start to ignore the chicken, the eggs will also suffer.

He pointed to Kehinde and said, “as a husband, the most important person in your life should be your wife and vice versa. It cannot be the kids. They are just   products of the marriage. If you learn to take care of each other very well, your kids would grow up healthy and strong, but if you ignore each other, brace yourself up for dysfunctional kids in the future. The two of you are the foundation of this family. If you suffer any form of crack, the whole house will go down. So please make time for yourself and treat each other as VIPs and the kids will be just fine.

This has been the secret of the fruitful union between your mum and I for over 50 years till death took her from me. The old man couldn’t help it but shed tears at this stage. He thanked the couple for their time and excused himself to his room.Many married couples can identify with this story, where the focus shifts 100% to the kids and barely have time for each other. They later are amazed they lose the magic connection between them. If care is not taken, those connection needs gets outsourced, thereby opening up your marriage to all sorts of strange elements.Give the kids the love and attention they deserve but not at the expense of each other. You are the real deal. The kids are just bonus!!! 

An old man was sitting at the river bank, he saw a cat that had fallen into the river struggling to save itself from drowning.The old man decided to save the cat. He stretched out his hand towards the cat but the cat scratched him. He pulled his hand back in pain.

However, a few minutes later he stretched out his hand again to save the cat, but it scratched him again, and again he pulled his hand back in pain. A few minutes later he was again trying for the third time! Another man, who was nearby watching what was happening, yelled out, *"O wise old man, you have not learned your lesson the first time, nor the second time, and now you are trying to save the cat a third time?" The man paid no heed to that man's scolding, and kept on trying until he managed to save the cat.

He then walked over to the man, and patted his shoulder saying:, "My son... it is in the cat's nature to scratch, and it is in my nature to love and have mercy. Why do you want me to let the cat's nature overcome mine? *"My son, treat people according to your nature, not according to theirs, no matter what they are like and no matter how numerous their actions that harm you and cause you pain sometimes. And do not pay heed to all the voices that loudly call out to you to leave behind your good qualities merely because the other party is not deserving of your noble actions. So never regret the moments you gave happiness to someone, even if that person did not deserve it." Jesus treats us according to His nature, just think where we would be if He were to treat us as per our  nature... That is why He saves us in spite of ourselves.CHRIST is in me, the hope of glory, I live and move and have my being in Him. I manifest His glory, beauty and excellence to the world. The WORD OF GOD in my spirit BRINGS OUT the wonderful deeds and perfections of God for the world to see. Jesus Christ is glorified and glorified in us.

 Hallelujah! Amen!