Devotional Type : Living Word Devotional

Preacher : Pastor Mensa Otabil

Date : Monday, 29th January, 2018


Then the children of Joseph spoke to Joshua, saying, "Why have you given us only one lot and one share to inherit, since we are a great people, inasmuch as the LORD has blessed us until now?" - Joshua 17:14

Christians are often defeated in day-to-day living because they ‘.....don't really realize how many resources God has placed in their spiritual account. They are like a fish which jumps out of the river and complains to the tortoise that he is thirsty. In the midst of God's abundant supply, many Christians still go around begging for 'mercy drops'. A lot of times we pray, "God help me. God, I'm hungry. God, I need a blessing." Meanwhile, the Lord is saying, "Will you please go check your account? I have deposited more than you could ever use. Go to my Word and find out what I have given you."

Can you imagine a soldier fighting a battle with no ammunition while he was sitting on an armoury filled with thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition, more than he could use in a thousand wars? He has more than he needs right under him but he is trying to fight the battle without the resources he has.

Defeat in our battle against Satan, sin and scarcity is largely in our ignorance of our spiritual inheritance. In Jesus Christ there is power to live a new life and to overcome.

Perhaps, like many other people, you make bold resolutions whenever a new year rolls around. You make plans regarding what changes you want to make in the coming year. But it's not long until you have gone back on those great resolutions.

This year, let it be different. Break the cycle of defeat and walk in victory. Don't just admire His Word. Take it, believe, claim it and live by it!

Prayer: In the name of Jesus, I claim this year as the year of my break-through.

Scriptural Reading: Joshua 17:14-18