Spiritual growth can be hindered by a number of things just as the growth of an animal or plant can be hindered by certain diseases. There are some spiritual diseases that hinders the growth of children of God. There are some attitudes & behaviours that ruin the spiritual lives of believers:

1. SECRET SINS: A believer who indulges in secret sins cannot grow. Nothing can be hidden from God. Be it open sin or or hidden sin, "sin is sin". It takes the spirit of God to show you the cracks in your spiritual wall. Thank God am a living testimony. When I was in the world I was living in sin but thank God for His grace upon my life. If you really want to grow spiritually, you must get rid of all secret sin.

2. PRIDE: Pride here, it deters the spiritual growth of men and women. Pride hinders God from giving you grace to make progress in your spiritual life. Pride is a terrible disease. If you make efforts towards spiritual growth but fail to get rid of pride, spiritual growth will only remain a dream as far as you are concern. Pride may be hidden in the heart bit the all-seeing eyes of God can detect the secret thought of every heart. If you want to be free from pride, you need to deliberately humble yourself.
That you have today, does not mean the other person won't have. Please my dear brothers and sisters break that ego. You cannot experience growth if you remain proud.

3. UNHEALTHY COMPANIONSHIP: The spiritual growth of many have been deterred and hampered by unhealthy companionship. 1Corinthians 15:3 it says " evil communication corrupt good manners " The company you keep and the people you associate with determine your spiritual height. There are many believers who yearn for spiritual growth but are never able to grow because of association with people of sordid aims and ambitions. I could remember a friend of mine in school after preaching for her she asked me a question she said "Rita, as you are like this, are u telling me you don't have a boyfriend and if you want to marry, how will go about it?  I replied by telling her to check the meaning of boyfriend in the dictionary. I also told her that if you want to marry, pray for God's will and he will direct you on how to go about it. Boyfriend means having sexual intercouse with someone whom you are not married to. If you want to  serve God as a youth, don't keep boyfriend and girlfriend relationship don't say ah! My friends are getting married look at me am of age, am having only one cloth see my friend are changing clothes every daypls if is only one cloth you have, wear it to the glory of God than for you to compromise your faith because of friends, my friends are making money am still here, my sister, God's time is the best or my friends has graduated am not yet in school don't say so because they that wait upon the Lord, shall  renew their strength. Don't allow frustration lead you into something else because of friends. Trust God's timing.
Watch your company the people you spend time with will affect your growth. If you are fond of gathering with people of different lifestyles it will affect the rate of your growth.
4. WORLDLINESS AND WORDLY PURSUIT: Worldliness is something that starts from within. A man may appear godly and righteous externally while his heart may still be craving for the onions, the garlic and the cucumbers of Egypt. A man can be wedded to worldliness internally while he professes ardent zeal and uncommon commitment to the Lord. The same thing can happen to a woman. Although the outward appearance of a woman is easiest index of asertaing whether she is worldly or not, yet a woman may conform to the Christian teaching on modesty while her heart is full of inordinate cravings for the things of the world. The Bible says that "He that liveth in pleasure is dead whole she liveth" (1Timothy 5:6) A lot of women have no desire to grow. Interest in social functions, naming ceremonies, putting on new dresses and shoes, being more popular and acceptable in the neighborhood have taken away the desire for spiritual growth from many Christian women.
You must make up your mind to shake off all dead weights, leave the realm of stunted growth and begin to do things that will induce steady growth. You must obey God if you want to experience spiritual growth.

4. UNHEALTHY COMPARISON: Those who compare their spiritual lives with that of others cannot experience wholesome growth. If you spend valuable time comparing yourself for others and you begin to commend yourself for being better than some people, you will find it difficult to grow. A disciple is allowed to make only one comparison: with our Master. It is only when you compare yourself with the Lord that you will experiy growth.

5. SELF SATISFACTION: Many people are unable to grow spiritually because of self a satisfaction. Such people are generally flabby in spiritual things; thy nurse feelings of self- satisfaction. Self-satisfacion in spiritual things will remove seriousness with the Lord, earnestness in prayer and a strong desire to aspire to greater depths.

5. TAlKATIVENESS: Loose-talking also retards spiritual growth. I don't talk too much, I talk when am supposed to talk. Can you recall how many hours you have wasted In idle talk? Can you imagine what you would have experienced if you had spent all those hours building up your spiritual life? The Bible says; " Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few" (Ecclesiastics 5:2) . Your spiritual growth depends on you. It depends on your readiness to obey the Lord and on your willingness to do what the Spirit of God bids you do.


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