NPOWER Programme is not Reliable

The second batch of Npower is currently hundred percent dubious , lack of transparency, ridiculous, and scam.  Although , some people did the test after their BVN (Bank Verification Number) data matched. Some questions still keeps coming to me . These are : 

# what yardstick did they based thier selection on?

# were the tests really used?

# were the tribes in Nigeria evenly selected?

# why are those that they have preselected not started working?

Really, if one is rational man one must know that so many things were wrong . Anyway, I call these Nigerian factors. A country where corruption is at one hundred percent maximum. All these devilish gimmicks and out of the game. I do not even know where this country Nigeria is going.  

Sincerely speaking , the first list which were out in December 2016 and were not like this. Everything were candid. But now, everything has changed. Npower has change, fuel prices has change, foreign exchange has change, food prices has change, clothing has change, electronics prices has change and such like. All sectors of the have been affected. 

In 2019 , we must vote wisely and get rid of these political gimmicks
and slogan called change. There is nothing good in second term endorsement. Be wise. God bless Nigeria.