I felt ashamed. Many of pals, because of monetary gains are denying their names, countries, and such likes. This means they lack sellf confidence and selling their birth right. These set of people are not unique and therefore I call them fake. I have never seen a white doing such. Many facebook profile names are white names, twitter names the same. Who is decieving who? We just have to wake up and come to our senses. Gradually we are loosing our national identity .

Through my survey, about ninety five percent of Nigerian Google Adsense users are claiming to be whites . But in the real sense they are blacks . Who is deceiving who? All these monetary gains are of no benefit and commensurate to like eating a sandpaper. Do not live a deceit life. Be proud of your country. There are thousand reasons why God created you here in Nigeria and not in Great Britain n . You are here for a reason . Stop denying your identity because of bread. It is great offence. I do hope you got me clearly.