Date: Friday, January 12, 2018

Read:Judges 7:1-8

MEMORISE: And the Lord said to Gideon, "The people who are with you are too many for Me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel claim glory for itself against Me, saying, 'My own hand has saved me.'" (Judges 7:2)*

There are three choices you couldn't make on your own: where you were born, the day you were born, and your parents. Added to these three major decisions are the later choices of when to die, where to die and how to die.
Nevertheless, we are responsible for all our choices in life. The choice you make, determines what you would get. What is the secret behind making right, godly and beneficial choices in life? Today's text reveals to us the secret behind the success of Gideon.

The truth is, like begets like. When you make correct choice, success is inevitable. Gideon went after the enemy with 32,000 soldiers, on his own accord, though he was fighting God's battle. What informs your actions? Do you inquire from God before you take steps in life? Nothing is too small or big to talk to God about. Gideon allowed God to trim down his army. Learn to listen deliberately and expectantly. God speaks, reveals and directs.

Leaders should allow God to direct their decision-making. Don't go ahead of God. No success can be on sight, if you always drag with God on your lifes issues. God knows the mind; He sees what you can't see. He knows the end from the beginning. One of the things that bring failure is putting God behind, while you go in the front. When you put God in a corner of your heart, the devil takes over your life.

In what areas of your life are you trying to take some drastic steps marriage, career, location (residence), business, journeys, academics, ministry, etc.? Carry God along and allow Him to make the choice for you. You'll forever be glad you did.

*1.* Lord, save me from wrong choices in life and give me the grace to always consult and trust You before taking any step.
*2.* Help me, oh Lord, to cure all the injuries I have incurred from the past mistakes of not seeking Your mind.
*3.* Help our leaders, oh Lord, in government and the Church, to give You room to guide them in their decision-making processes.

*EXTRA READING FOR TODAY:* Genesis 26 - 27 & Matthew 12

Remain Blessed!