Nothing valuable is kept carelessly, not even by God.  That is the reason why substances like GOLD,  DIAMONDS,  and other treasured gifts of nature are not left on the surface of the earth.   But are covered deep under the ground. So to get one piece of rough diamond, you will need to do some serious digging, requiring very heavy equipments and some extensive manual labour, going a significant depth for days and nights. No wonder men call it precious stones. Yet there are other stones even bigger scattered all over the surface of the earth. But nobody is interested, because things found everywhere are of little value. A tipper load of ordinary stones cannot buy the smallest piece of diamond.

Woman, how much value do you place on your body? The Way you keep it will tell us, if it's like the expensive precious stones or the ordinary stones of little worth. Woman with precious bodies cover it, those with cheap bodies expose it. Afterall, how much is it worth? So they expose their breasts, they expose their buttocks, they wear only revealing clothes and deliberately unbutton good clothes. They just must make sure their nakedness is in the open. You said 'I look sexy'. I said "you look cheap". Half-nakedness is not fashion. You are being used by the devil 
1 to de-value and dishonour yourself 
2 to disgrace womanhood 
3 to cause weak men to sin. You are an ignorant agent of Satan. The result is this: no Godly man will come near you, you will only attract your tape, men of zero dignity who see  you as a trader and are ready to toy with your destiny. 

You can be all covered up yet beautiful. You can dress well and gain respect or dress anyhow and lose all worth. It even worse when you claim to be a Christian like a salt that has lost it taste (1 Tim.  2:9). Don't go to hell because of satanic fashion.  It's all in your hands now. Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart. You can repent and receive mercy today or you may just continue on your way to destruction.  "All these religious fanatics they have come again ". But you won't say, you don't know on the last day. Hell is real,  escape now that you can. God bless you.