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At a wedding ceremony the pastor asked if there was anyone who had any reason why the marriage shouldn't go on; it was time to stand up and speak, or forever let them hold their peace. The moment of utter silence was interrupted by a young beautiful woman carrying a child. She started slowly walking toward the pastor. Everything quickly turned to chaos. The bride slapped the groom. The groom's mother fainted. The bridal trail scooted towards the door.The groom's men huddled together like a bereaved flock, wondering how best to help save the situation.The pastor asked the woman, "Can you tell us why you came forward? What do you have to say?" The woman replied, "I can't hear from the back.

LESSON: Hold judgment until you've had all the facts. However, many times we fire the shots too quickly and beautiful relationships are ruined.

Change of heart
Akpos is angry because he has it in his head that someone stole his wallet.He walks into a church to steal someone else’s wallet, but he has a change of heart during the service. He confesses to the priest afterwards about what his intentions had initially been. The priest asks, “What made you change your mind?” Akpos says, “In your sermon on the Ten Commandments when you got to ‘Thou shall not commit adultery,’ I remembered where I left my wallet!” Lolz.

A C.R.S teacher entered the class while feeling tired.. He hadn't slept well for the past two nights... He asked the students to keep quiet..He sat down on his staff chair and immediately fell asleep.. Suddenly the Head teacher came in with the Education Officer, from Ministry Of Education.. They found the Religion Teacher asleep.. They stood by his side for some few minutes... Then as they were about to wake him up, he woke up at this point.. Yawned and stood up.. He realized that his bosses were in classroom.. As if he didn't notice their presence, he turned to the class and said, '' So, this is how the apostles of Jesus fell asleep when Jesus left them in the Mountains and went for prayers ''... On this point, the Headmaster and the Education Officer applauded the teacher for his efforts to make his students understand easily the teachings of Jesus.


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