I am to connect a flight to Manchester from an airport but while waiting for my flight to be called I came across a brother who I knew back in Nigeria who was too glad to see me for he has been under my ministration many times. We discussed nearly everything until our flight was called. The brother got ready his papers and  passport but as to my own passport I could not locate it. I searched frantically without success. After sometime the brother had to leave me and commend me to the grace of God to help me find my passport. I ran to the counter, explained what happened to them and asked that they should delay the flight a little so that I can locate my passport because of the crucial preaching appointment i have but they declined. I watched my friend board the flight and I watched the plane go.

Despite the fact that my friend was my disciple, he boarded the flight but I could not. My friend as well as some others in the airport has lots of respect for me because they recognise me as a great man of God yet there is little they could do to help my situation. I have so many other and necessary papers intact but without the passport the authorities would not allow me board the flight.

The theme being considered at the convention of Methodist church Nigeria rounding up today 19-01-18 in which Bro Gbile Akanni is the main speaker is taken  from Heb.12:14- Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy, without holiness no one will see the Lord.

The passport issue came about while Bro. Gbile was explaining the words 'whithout which'.The passport to entering heaven is Holiness. Your status, wealth, position, degree or what have you does not count here. Some pastors would be left behind while people that came to know God through them would enter the kingdom of God. Some people are majoring in the minor while leaving the most important unattended to. You can score all As in all other subjects but with F9 in English and Mathematics, no Nigerian University will admit you. The airport authorities has a standard which will not be compromised for anybody. Once you are not qualified you are disqualified. You still have opportunity now to get ready for the ultimate flight, once you die or the trumpet sounds, no matter how frantic your efforts are, you will still have to face the consequence of your negligence. I wonder what else would be important to an international traveller other than the passport. Your passport to heaven is Holiness you better do all you can now to locate it if you have misplaced it  else you regret ever coming to the world.

On the long run, I was able to locate the passport where I dropped it when packing other things. The booking lady rebuked me sharply for being so careless and I think I deserve it. Anyway, I asked them to help me check if there would soon be another flight going my route and I was lucky there is. But what if the one I missed was the last flight or if the next flight has been fully booked.

  1. After the incidence, Bro Gbile learnt to treasure his passport dearly and to hold it , I write from the convention ground at Ikotekpene. Had I known would not be your portion at the end in Jesus name. Please locate your passport now and treasure it dearly. Your flight may be announced any moment.