• I have had a serious war going on in my mind for long. Should I listen to secular music or not? The real question is if listening to these music is a sin. Well, I have argued this over in the Sunday school class a lot of time. Since no scripture said it specifically that I should not listen to secular music, then I was cool with it. The beat of these music are just something else and irresistible. When you hear the beat that precedes 'WO' by Olamide, One corner, Man's not hot and the like, you will definitely want to go crazy. The beat will even make you sway back and forth unconsciously. I will not deceive you, I used to really love those music. Who will not even love them? The beats are making more sense than other gospel music now . Gospel music are definitely boring right? They are just slow songs with practically no beat. You just listen to them when you are depressed, or when you just left church with a powerful sermon and you feel sober. You might even probably listen to them just to fall asleep. Well, if you  are probably satisfied and agree with all I have written above, I will not condemn you because I have once been in your shoes. I used to love all these until the Holy Spirit taught me something.

  • Like I said, I was a die hard fan of Hip Hop music and I was a Christian. It might not be shocking to you because it was not to me then. But now, It is a big deal to me. I was really updated about all the latest music by Olamide, Lil Kesh, Dbanj and the likes. I knew all the lyrics from A to Z. When I don't seem to know the lyrics, I get frustrated and sit down to learn them. When I could recite only John 3:16 in my Bible and I proudly called myself a Christians. Maybe a fire branded one. One day I decided to delete all these music. Not because I was convinced oh. But I never wanted a fellowship brother or sister to catch me listening to them or see them on my phone. I would take my friend's phone and listen to these music. When I heard the songs from speakers I was always happy and I dance crazily and secretly. The most  striking feature that I developed was idolizing these artists. I wanted to be like them. I particularly idolised Nicki Minaj. I even swore to have a plastic surgery and look like her by any means. Hmmmm.... What/who  you actually listen to is what/who you really become. Listen to the Holy Spirit and you become like Jesus. 

  • All these songs had an effect on my life. When you listen to these songs as Christians, how do you feel? What do you think of? Do you think of Christ at this moment? Is your soul lifted up? Do you feel like rejoicing in him? Do you feel the atmosphere of his glory? I'm stressing the term Christians specifically. Kingdom Minded Believers, the redeemed of the Lord, the people of Jehovah. If we want to experience the glory of the lord every time, should we listen to these music? Music that kills our inner man slowly A particular day, I got tired of pretending and I went online to download the music back. I collected from friends and my phone was loaded back with them. The day I got the songs back, I was happy and delighted. I thought I won't have a boring day anymore. I plugged my head phone and slept off while listening to these songs
  • I woke up the following day and quickly unplugged the head phone. I prayed and observed my quiet time. This went on for three days. By the third day, I knew something was wrong. My quiet time was not divine anymore. I was not hearing the Holy Spirit speak  to me and teach me. The Bible was just like any other book. I read without understanding. I knew something was wrong. I could not even feel the presence of God. I waved the feeling by and continued my quiet time in this manner. Some days later, I went for mid week service. The atmosphere was charged but my spirit was unwilling to pray. This is so unusual and I questioned myself and the Holy Spirit. Then my eyes were opened. How can I be listening to the devil and still want to listen to God? I was disturbed because these were just ordinary music now. But I remembered how David was called to use music c calm the evil spirit from Saul. I then asked "But I listen to Christian music also? ". I also got a reply

  • The problem with us is the way we practice on and off Christianity. We have a time dedicated to be off from His a bit. Then we activate the spirit again at either the church or during quiet time. The devil has really deceived us. As Christians, we are the soldiers of Christ. We are at war everyday. A soldier does not dare take off any of his armour or be distracted. He is always at alert. As Christians, we should do things that keep our spirit burning every time. We should not give way to the flesh at all. Never! So most of us think that spirituality is for church alone. We have even adopted the saying "when you are in Rome you behave like the Romans". Does that have a scriptural reference. The apostles never bended to become like the people they preached to. Rather the people become like them. What the Bible says is that the Holy Spirit will abide forever. So we behave like the world do when we are amongst people of world. We then behave as Christians in church. I pray God removes these shackles of ignorance from us.

  •  The unbelievers can never play Christian songs in their club houses. But as Christians we feel comfortable listening to them. Don't you know the Spirit of God lives in you and your body is the temple of the Lord. Are you trying to grieve the spirit by feeding your spirit with these songs? Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast  of the field which the Lord God had made. And  he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye  shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Lastly, note that the serpent was the most subtil animal. If the Lion had gone to deceive Eve, she might have easily known that it was a temptation. The devil will surely make these things look nice. Whereas, they are killing our spirit daily. Okay let me agree with you on this. Listening to worldly music is not a sin but it will lead you to sin. "Flee from all appearances of evil', says the Bible. The kind of music you listen to can make or damage you. When you observe your quiet time, can you be listening to these songs and reading your Bible at the same time. What you cannot do in the presence of God, do not do it in his absence.

  • DON'T DRAG THE TRAY!                       
  • A man was sent to the annual national convention of his professional body by his company. The convention was a congregation of about 10,000 people. During one of the days at the covention, it was time for lunch and people were being served. 

  • This man saw that, they were serving people beside him left & right but they were not serving him and the people on his row. He shouted at the ladies serving and they told him to keep calm that there is enough food for everyone &that it will soon get to his turn. 

  • He watched angrily as they passed the tray containing plates of soup and amala before him again twice without serving him. When he saw another lady carrying the tray, he stood up angrily & drag the tray of ewedu soup to take his food by force.

  • Suddenly; the whole tray containing about 6 plate of soup landed on his head as he dragged the tray from the lady's hands. His white cloth was stained, soiled and spoilt. Pepper got into his eyes and he was shouting,' my eyes ooo, somebody help me, my eyes oo, pepper in my eyes oo, '. People around him had to drag him out as he could not open his eyes because of the pepper that was still in his eyes. It was a complete show of shame & a reward of impatience.  

  • Dear reader, many of us are like this man, we feel others are already 'eating' success, breakthroughs, fame, popularity, academic excellence, accomplishments and we are yet to be served our own 'food' and we are being tempted to 'drag the tray' and take our  own food by force. Friends, I know waiting period is not an easy period. Atimes we feel our friends have left us behind. Many that we started as single ladies together are now married with children& here we are; still single and no ray of proposal talk less of marriage. Some of us,many of our friends that we got married the same year are through with child bearing and here we are, no miscarriage once talk less of pregnancy, and we feel like 'dragging the tray'. 

  • Atimes, many of us feel that many of our friends that we started work together have left us behind as we see their career blossoming, we feel the only way we can also see our careers validated is to 'drag the tray'.  Friends, be encouraged! The one serving this 'food' of marriage, success, promotion, career breakthrough is not a man. HE is GOD your Maker! HE has your own plate of 'food' in HIS tray. At the appointed time, HE will serve you & when you will be eating your own food, those who have eaten before you will watch your mouth as you 'eat' with pleasure. Don't 'drag the tray'. Don't take short cut. If you get the 'miracle' by 'dragging the tray' you will end up in ridicule as you will later be dragged out in shame as the 'pepper' in your eyes will make the end of your 'miracle' a show of shame. If you are waiting for a man, you can waste the wait, but if you are waiting on the Almighty , your waiting period is never a wasting period! Wait on your God. Your 'food' is closer to you than you think.