The cleric claims that the herdsmen attacks are disguised insurgency - He says the federal government should act fast before things fall apart any further Bishop David Oyedepo, the presiding cleric of Living Faith World Outreach, has warned that continuation of the killing spree by killer herdsmen could create serious danger for the country. The Nation reports that Oyedepo issued the warning on Sunday, January 14 in a message titled “ a wake up call to a nation in a state of slumber” .In the message, the cleric urged the federal government to halt the killings to avert greater danger. He claimed that insurgency is spreading across the country under the guise of attacks by herdsmen.

“How many of the so called herdsmen have been arrested since they have been engaging in their murderous acts?“They must have the backing of some power full forces encouraging them to do what they are doing, ” Oyedepo said.The warning comes just as Hajiya Aisha Wakil who is known as Mama Boko Haram called on the federal government to try and negotiate with Boko Haram as the group seems ready to engage in dialogue.

She however said the government has to be sincere for this to be possible. She said:" My understanding of the group is that they are young people who claimed that they were provoked. They said nobody listened to them and that they had to transfer their anger and vent it on innocent people. That is the only thing I can say about them. They were angry."