Preacher : Evangelist Thompson.

SOUL 1: I was a house wife on earth and i loved to kiss the penis of my husband every time we had sex. my pastor did not teach that this was a sin so when i died, i was thrown to hell for this

SOUL 2: I used to be a woman on earth. i loved to use contraceptive pills so as not to conceive. my husband did not want
more children but when i died, the demons dragged me to hell and have been torturing me day and night.

SOUL 3: I was a lad
y on earth and my husband allowed me to climb over him during sex. we did not percive that this was sinful and demonic so when i died, the demons threw me in hell and have been forcing me to climb over spears/weapons and do
thesame act i used to do ontop of my husband. each time i do this my genitals will tear into pieces and grow again over and over.

SOUL 4: When a brother warned me about using earrings i did not believe him and when i died, i found a big demon waiting by the heaven's gate. when he saw me he asked me to give him his property of which i did not understand first. He then clarified
that all earrings belonging to him and any woman who dies with any of his property such as earrings, wedding rings, jeweries,
fake hair, nail paint, eye lashes, make-up, weave on, curled hair, contraceptive coil etc will find him wautung for her at
heaven's gate and will be thrown into hell..

SOUL 5: Please warn all the women not to use contraceptives, injection or pills or else they will join me in hell. these things are demonic ideas and billions are here in hell in torment because of it.

SOUL 6: Please warn all humans on earth not to drink any form of alcohol. God cannot be mocked and He hates alcohol. Since
i came to hell, the demons have been forcing me to drink deadly acid in place of alcohol.

SOUL 7: Please tell all the children on earth to love Jesus and read their bible. i was a child when i died and i have been in hell since, recently Jesus came to hell and i pleaded with Him to remove me from hell but he asked me to name one bible character before He could remove me but unfortunately i could not name one. i failed this test and fell back into the fire.

SOUL 8: Tell all women on earth that hell is full of women some of whom were strong christians on earth but died and came to
hell for little sins such as quarrel, anger, lack of surrender to husband, envy, jealous, gossip etc.

SOUL 9: Tell all the people who are watching football that football is demonic and that footballers are in hell as well as their fans. They will not believe this but tell them.

SOUL 10: Tell all humans that all worldly musicians such as Bob Marley and Michael Jackson are in hell being tortured badly. Any
human listening to worldly music is doomed and is on his/her way to hell. Tell them..

SOUL 11: Tell all men who have not paid their wives'dowry that they will die and come to hell if they fail to do so.

SOUL 12: I was a catholic when i died. while i was alive, i did not believe that rosaries, statues honouring Mary and angels were
idolatry and demonic, when i died, snakes have been coiling around my fingers just as i used to coil rosaries around my fingers.

SOUL 13: I died as a pope in a catholic church. i remember travelling every where in the world and enjoying the wealth,
security and glory but when i died demons grabbed me and threw me here in hell. Tell all catholics to leave that church and give their lives to Jesus in Holiness and Righteousness

SOUL 14: When i was on earth, i loved to watch horror films. i did not percive that the creatures in horror films were actually real
demons torturing human souls in hell like this, the very same demons i had been watching dragged me to hell and have been torturing me.

Soul 15: Tell all those young men and women who are engaged for marriage but are having sex already to go to their pastors and confess this sin so that prayer can be done for them before they join us in hell:

SOUL 16: Tell all those People who have not repaid their debt that they are on their way to hell..

Soul 17: Tell those christians who are not doing their restitutions that Lucifer is waiting for them in hell. Restitution means
restoring goods/money, declaring fake documents, confessing secret sin to person you offended, Abandoning second wife,
returing to your first wife/husband, declaring your adultery to your husband/wife etc.

YES THE STANDARD OF HEAVEN ARE HIGH "Matt 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.