“Then the men of Israel said to Gideon, ‘Rule over us, both you and your son, and your grandson also; for you have delivered us from the hand of Midian. But Gideon said to them, “I will not rule over you, nor shall my son rule over you; the Lord shall rule over you.” Then Gideon said to them, ‘I would like to make a request of you, that each of you would give me the earrings from his plunder.’ ...Then Gideon made it into an ephod and set it up in his city, Ophrah. And all Israel played the harlot with it there. It became a snare to Gideon and to his house” (Judges 8:22-27 NKJV).

Be very careful lest you are tempted to idolise your victory!  If success is not well managed, it will become a snare to the successful. - EA Adeboye

Pray that you will be able to manage your success so that it will not lead you to any temptation or snare.
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Have a great reading time

_*Lord's purpose will prevail*_

You can make many plans, but the LORD's purpose will prevail. (NLT) -Proverbs 19:21

Are you thinking of making changes in your life soon?  You don't have to have everything figured out.  That's the beautiful part of this verse.  God will open the right doors to allow His will to be done.  Trying to choose a college?  Wondering about your living situation?  Thinking of applying for a new position at work?  God can handle it, just seek out His will by testing out different opportunities.  Pray that God can show you His will for your life and ask for the courage to seek out new opportunities.
Good morning.

.......... *BIBLE  QUIZ*.........
Can you answer this without opening your Bible, As a Christian?

1). The Lord of host rained *manna* for His people on the wilderness for...
               A. 70 years
               B. 50 years
               C. 40 years
               D. 30 years

2). "For where your *treasure* is, there will your....also be".
              A. mind
              B. heart
              C. body
              D. spirit

3). Who said, ..."where you are going, I will go; where you will lodge, I would lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God, would be my God".
               A. Mary
               B. Ruth
               C. Abigail
               D. Sarah

4). Which Prophet caused an axe to *float* on the surface of water..?
               A. Elisha
               B. Samuel
               C. Elijah
               D. Isaiah

5). Our Redeemer *entreats* us to forgive our neighbour...
                A. 77 × 7
                B. 70 × 7
                C. 17  × 7
                D. 7 × 7

6). Who *slew* the giant who had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot..?
               A. Samson
               B. Absalom
               C. Gideon
               D. Jonathan

7). Blessed are the *pure in heart*, for they shall...
    A. see God
    B. obtain mercy
    C. be called children of God
    D. overcome the world

8). God did *not* permit King David to build His temple because...

A. David would soon die
B. David was not good at that
C. David was not ready
D. David shed too much blood

9). The three wise men who gave gifts to baby Jesus, *came* from the...
                A. west
                B. east
                C. north
                D. south

10). Christ says; " ALL THOSE who are heavy burdened should come to me, and *I will give*
                A. a promise
                B. abode
                C. territory
                D. rest
11). At which pool was the man with 38 years of sickness healed
                   A. Siloam
                   B. Bethesda
                   C. Jordan
                    D. Bethsaida
12). Which country did the Eunuch come from
                    A. Egypt
                    B. Jerusalem
                    C. Syria
                    D. Ethiopia
13) Which prophet prophesied about the dry bones
                   A. Isaiah
                   B. Jeremiah
                   C. Lamentations
                   D. Ezekiel
14). The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem was done by whom
                A. Sanballat
                B. Esther
                C. Nehemiah
                D. Tobias

15) How many daughters did Job have
                 A.  1
                 B.  3
                 C.  4
                 D.  2

•Each question carries *Grace*



...she joined her husband in the bedroom. Their
children were asleep.He was busy reading the
newspaper.She looked at him."My love, there's
something I need to confess" she began to
speak."What is it?" he asked without looking at
her, his face still glued to the newspaper."I have
been unfaithful" she said.
He looked at her with fiery eyes.He slapped her.
For the first time in their marriage, he slapped
"How could you woman?! Seventeen years of
marriage, four children and this is what you do to
me? You cheat on me? Foolish? How can you
stoop so low?" he shouted.
He got up from the bed. He started pacing as he
continued shouting, "You are the one who always
tells me to keep off women.
Out of respect, I keep females at a distance and
you on the other hand do this?"He was just about
to pounce on his wife and beat her. The sting of
unfaithfulness enraged him.A knock was heard on
the door.
Their first born, Maria, a fourteen year old girl
walked in their bedroom."Mom, dad; is everything
OK?" Maria asked.
"Get out! Get out!" he shouted as his
daughter."It's OK Maria, Dad and I will sort this
out. Go to sleep" She told their first born
daughter, Maria.Maria walked out of their
"Who is it? Who have you been unfaithful with?
Give me his phone number. He will know today
who I am" he shouted trying to grab his wife's
phone.She humbly took her phone."Show me his
number. Show me his face. Filthy animal who is
snatching my wife" he shouted some more.
"This is the man I have been unfaithful with" she
said giving her husband her phone.Her husband
looked at the screen of her phone and saw his
own face and phone number."Me?!" he asked
puzzled looking at her."Yes, I have been unfaithful
with you.
I have been unfaithful to God because I have been
so busy loving you. In my effort to try being a
good wife, I have forgotten God" she said.He sat
down on the bed, confused.
"When you met me, I was so devoted to God. In
fact, you used to tell me that the most important
reason you chose me as your wife was because
of my devotion to God.
I loved the Godly man you used to be. We would
pray and long to have a Godly family together. I
remember the days I would fast and pray and tell
God that if He blesses me with a good job, I will
dedicate my career to Him.
God did bless me, God blessed you, God blessed
us. We did so well professionally, we got good
money, we could afford a good wedding. We got
married" she explained.He looked at her intently.
She continued, "The first few months of our
marriage, we would pray as a family, go to
Church, have fellowships, worship and Bible
Study; but slowly, we stopped living by that
Scripture that says as for me and my household
we will serve the Lord. We started having children
who we failed to raise in the Godly way. With
success, we changed our friends.
We found the born again friends boring. We
started worshiping money, success and materials.
Look at us now, we live in a big house but God is
absent. You started taking me to unGodly places
to have fun, we started drinking too much, our
children ashamed by our drinking"He looked away
from her.
"In order to please you, I changed too; thinking
that being a good wife means tagging along with
everything you do. I didn't confront you when you
started going astray, I didn't pull you back to
God, I got lost with you.
So lost, that I started becoming proud, shallow,
self-centered; all along thinking I am being a
good wife. But this is not me. I have changed so
much from the woman you found me. We both
have changed much"He looked at her.
"All these. The good house, the good meals we
eat, the money we have, the comfortable life; they
have made us forget the God who gave them to
us. I am nothing without God and I feel ashamed
that I have abandoned the God responsible for all
I am and have. We have started having troubles
in our marriage, because the Lord is no longer
building our love, we are doing it on our own and
we will fail if we keep on like this"She reached out
and touched his hand.
"I want to go back to the woman I used to be. A
woman after God's own heart. I miss the peace
that God gives, I miss worship, I miss reading the
Word, I miss going to Church and fellowship, I
miss meditating, I miss praying with you. What
does it profit me to gain a good marriage yet lose
my soul, my God? I am going back to God.
Only as a wife submitted to God, will I be the best
wife to you and the best mother to our children.
He who finds a wife finds a good thing and
obtains favour from God, but I cannot bring
favour to you if I continue being disconnected
from God. I want my spiritual life back. I want
God back in our home, our marriage, our family".
He started breaking down in tears. His spirit
He held her tightly in his arms."I am sorry. I am
sorry for going astray and taking you with me.
You chose to marry me because you thought you
are marrying a Godly man. I miss being that
Godly man.
Marriage shouldn't be a stumbling block in our
walk with God. The thought of you cheating on
me ripped my heart apart, I cannot even begin to
imagine how God feels when we are unfaithful to
Him. God having blessed us this much and we
turn our backs on Him.
At the thought of you cheating on me I was filled
with rage, yet God patiently looks at us in our
unfaithfulness desiring us to go back to Him. I
want to go back too. I want more in my life than
these earthly things, I want God. I want the God
of my youth. I am so sorry for slapping you".
That night, they knelt down and repented,
rededicated their lives and marriage to God. The
Prodigal Couple came back to God.
The next morning, they prayed together with their
God returned back to that home, because that
couple returned back to God.

God bless you