I always knew this desire was at some level wrong, yet trying to push it down or ignore it never worked either. Then one day I read these words from Jesus: "But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all" (Mark 10:43-44).
Here's the background: The disciples had been incensed over the request of James and John to sit at seats of honor next to Jesus. They all believed He would ascend to be the new King of a restored Israel, and they wanted a share of the greatness and power.
Imagine being close friends with a political leader or a famous movie star, and you can begin to feel the pull yourself. What is so instructive is that Jesus doesn't squelch the idea of greatness. He just points out a new route to it: by serving those around you. The desire to be first, to be great, is not criticized or suppressed. He just points out a different way—by taking the lowest position and lifting everyone else up.
In every man there is a seed of greatness, for we are made in the image of a great God, whose very presence is impact, whose very being is great. This is what the Bible calls glory, and the Hebrew word for glory means heavy or weighty. It's the glory we were meant to bathe in as men, feeling weighty, significant, and great.
But in our fallen state, we have lost that glory and now live in shame. Yet the longing for glory still remains in us—aching to matter, to be weighty enough to impact. We all wonder, Does my life matter? Is there anything worthwhile noticing about me? Am I really significant or just invisible in the larger scheme of things? Without an answer from the true Source of glory, the longing quickly mutates into an obsession with fame and status, a compulsion for rank and power, and a demand to be noticed.
But Jesus here gives us the true answer to our longing: we become great by honoring the greatness in everyone else.
Here there is such rest in the humble service of others, no longer jockeying for power, obsessing over our reputation, and constantly comparing ourselves with others. Augustine once noted that in going down through humility, we find ourselves going up into glory. We also become more like Jesus, for His unsearchable greatness lies precisely here: He honored the greatness in all of us by going down, all the way to the cross, and dying for us. We are worth that much to Him.
How do we start this journey to become truly great? We start by letting Jesus serve us as we allow ourselves to be quiet before Him. Here we will begin to feel noticed and affirmed by Him as His brothers, even great in His eyes. We will start to feel glory again, so we don't have to go around scavenging for it. Instead, we can now turn our hearts to others, serving them and making them feel great.
This was the secret of Jesus' greatness, surely the greatest man in history. It's the secret of our greatness also. 

The Lord's Will in Marriage

I SAT DOWN UNDER A TREE READING MY BIBLE. A sister came to me and said; she has a revelation that a particular brother is her husband:

"God told me he is my husband, but he is getting married to someone else..."

Her Question: "Good morning Sir, I would like to ask is it scriptural to say that God has predestined us to be with one particular person and if God gives you a word concerning someone and the person is already about to marry, Are you to keep waiting or move on?

My Response:
God had not predestined one person for another. If it is predestined, then we have nothing to do to make it work out or come to pass. In marriage, God expresses a desire or what people may call, God's will, in marriage. However, we have a FREE WILL TO chose or plug into it. Its a little more complicated because free will is a choice, not a prison and like you mentioned, one person may agree to it, and the other does not agree to it. Now, imagine a case where Sister A believes that it is God's will for her to marry Brother B, but this brother B goes and marries Sister C, does that mean she will never get married again, since the only bone of her bone is gone forever?

Take a look at another scenario where a man loses his wife, like Pastor Kumuyi, or Pastor Taiwo Olukoya (Husband of the famous, Bimbo Olukoya), did some years ago. He had married his bone of his bones, but she died. Where did he find another bone of his bones, when he got married the second time? This means that the literal interpretation of just one bone for one bone is not exactly correct as both bones were on the earth at the same period.

However, at a given season of our lives, and based prevailing circumstances, I believe that there is one person per time, per season that is best for you to get married to. Since the core of marriage is compatibility, if a guy was an egocentric fellow at 28, and felt this was the time for him to get married, there will be "The Best available option" for him. However, if this same guy waited till he was 32 and in the process, experienced a transformation into an easy going fellow, there could be another lady that is best for him for this season of his life. The season of our lives that we decided to get married is therefore so important because it also decides who is available for us at that time to get married to.

Another example is a man who is 35 years old and gets married to a 24 year old lady, like you see in many marriages. If he had tried to get married when he was 24 years old, this lady would have been a mere 13 year old teenager, and totally disqualified to marry him. She would probably be in Jss2, while he would be in his 300 level..... Sadly, he may be chasing one of his course mates, and blocking her from seeing one guy who has been working for 3 years and ready to get married.

This is the evil of lust and a generation that is too much in a haste to get married. We grab what we can't keep, and we keep what we ought to lose. We cry for what we should never have, and we kill for what we cannot eat.

This is my conclusion in this matter: "Oh that you will not stir up love waters before its time." If you wake up love before the time, you would eat an unripe fruit. You will marry an alternative.

I teach that if you wait for God to declare to you at the right season, "It is not good for YOU to be alone," then this God will bring a prepared Eve to you, after you have rejected the animals on your way. But if you run ahead and allow peer pressure, unholy comparisons, Hollywood magic, pornography desires, and unending love games, to stimulate your loneliness and lust for flesh, then Adam will likely marry any of the gorrillas, or monkey, as he can't wait for his Eve to be prepared. Until all Adam learn to sleep in God, they will not awake to meet Eve.

Therefore, if you have a word to marry Adam, and he has married a gorrilla, then praise God, you will yet marry your another Adam. Don't rush and marry a gorrilla, simply because the love of your life is gone. And if you have already married a gorrila, then love that gorrilla with the love of God. You can now see why many singles seek to get married, and many married seek to become single. This shall not be your portion as you follow this principles in Jesus name.

I hope this helps, if so feel free to share on wall for others to learn.