There is a greater place God is taking everyone to.God has plan and purpose for you.Jeremiah 1:5 says,"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you... " God called Abraham to leave his kinsmen and women to a place that He would show him. Instantly, Abraham obeyed and got to his land of promise. He became great and he eventually got there.You also will get there in Jesus' name.What is that mountain? God can make the mountain plain,the sorrow joy,the bitterness sweetness,the disappointment appointment,the barreness fruitfulness,the temptation promotion,the failure success and bondage freedom. Whatever the mountain is , the Almighty Father can turn everything for good for your sake. For mountain to become plain do the following ; always give praise to God in all situations, believe that with God all things are possible, put all trust in God has a problem solver, preach Jesus to everyone , pray without ceasing , live in holiness and take the right step. ACTION BOX [ God consume every mountains hindering my success by fire in Jesus's name ]


Discovery is the mother of invention,brother of creativity,father of originality and sister of superiority.Everyone is gifted.The discovery and exploitation of which is connected to our fulfilment as human beings.But without carrying out any empirical research,I know not many discover their or if they do,use them optimally.Underdeveloped potential will never fetch any reward,just as untapped crude oil will not generate national income to owner nation.Discover yourself today, sky is not the limit ! Young men and women should always strife for excellence; if you aim for average mark you probably remain as average for life. But if you aim at the sky , your thought will always be on achieving great things and you will not settle for the less.Premature statisfaction with half success is a dream-killer, nobody should indulge in it.In this connection, unwise use of resources in early part of one's career can make 1 year journey to consume 10 years.Discover,develop and be determined,you will get there!