Greatness cannot be travelled to but can be earned.Greatness is not a day-dream but a continuous desire with passion to excel in all endeavours. When we say somebody is great, this means the person is exceptional in certain domain of life. The road to greatness has ups and downs,but only those who have the courage to strife ahead are the actualizers.You need these 3 attributes to be great in life as itemize as viz; 1. DREAM: First of all, have dreams of what you want to achieve. Dreams won't allow you stumble during hard times. 2.CREATE A PROCESS : Develop a unique process to carry-out your dreams. Do not imitate , be real , be you and be ready! 3.BE DETERMINED AND MOTIVATED : Be motivated and do not give up too quick. You are already on the track , so continue the race till you reach the finish line. You must win ! Conquer all the necessary factors that can hinder your progress such as discouragement , disappointment and disapproval. Press forward, do not relax , and never quit. Greatness is yours. PRAYER BOX [ Heavenly Father, help me to live a life of outstanding greatness in life ]


As young lad , Joseph's dreams were out of this world ! Though his brothers hated him for all his extraordinary dreams of greatness , he kept on dreaming and telling them about his dreams. Though eventually became imprisoned on spurious charges , but at the peak he became the prime minister of Egypt and preserved other nations from famine. It is time for you to dream and dream big. It is a decision you must make. Dream big for your family , job or business . Make sure your vision for success is big enough to require supernatural element . Stretch your vision . If you are planning to start a small shop , go ahead , but begin to dream of owning a shopping mall . Refuse to put your mind to sleep ; keep dreaming ! See yourself doing big things . Remember , your heavenly Father is big , and His resources are limitless . Not only is HE able to cause your visions and dreams of success to pass, HE is more willing and enthusiastic about your success than you could ever be. Therefore dream , and dream big ! God bless you . PEACE .

GIVE VALUE TO WHAT YOU DO -Magnify Your Office

Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it, just trust what you feel. Do you know there's no such job as low job or field of study? It's the person behind the scene that matters most. In the Scripture, Paul magnified his office and gave value to God-given assignment even when no one else thought much of what he was doing. He said , " I am the apostle of the Gentiles , I manify my office " {Romans11:13} . Paul recognized those to whom he was sent and he decided to respect and promote his office . He gave value to what he did. Don't look down on what you do. Remember, Jesus fed over five thousand people with a little boy's lunch. He can do the same with your job. Make up your mind to become the best of you ; work on the potentials within your spirit. There is something in you , a hidden treasure that's unique to your personality. The most important thing is to find your place in life and be the best of you. Therefore , magnify your office ; give value to what you do , keep faith , you will succeed . SHALOM !


In our nation today, it's easy to identify two kinds of people; those who are inspired by their fear of failure and those who are inspired by the dream of success. Consider the illustration here , in a class of several students studying the same course, you may discover that their motivations for being studious differ . Some study so they don't fail; they are afraid of failing whereas, there are those who study because they want to win the prize; they are excited about making an "A" as it were. Now, notice that although both groups are studious, one is inspired by the fear of failure while the other is inspired by the dream of success. Then also, there is another group -those who are haunted by their past instead of being challenged by the future. Always , they are whining , grumbling and sorrowing about the past ! They are wondering what to do about the past instead of looking at the future and being challenged by another opportunity to stand strong . So , it is up to you to choose where you want to be . Our nation today needs men and women who are bold enough to play on the field . Men and women who are passionate about changing the status quo ! Let that be you , be inspired by the dream of success . SHALOM !


God created you not to be a mediocre but a trailblazer. If you are born again and have the Holy Spirit living in you , then it means you have the greatest Teacher living inside you, and there is absolutely no subject in life He is deficient in. Thus, the Holy Spirit living in you will grant you knowledge of witty inventions , for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom . You can blaze new trails and chart new frontiers in different fields of human endeavour. The world is looking for problem-solvers who will make new discoveries that will permanently solve the many social , political and economic ills that are plaguing the world today . You are the solution the world is loking for -you are the light of the world [mat.5.14] Therefore , I beckon you to take gaint strides by the Spirit and launch into new frontiers. It is time to break new grounds; it is time to blaze new trails . You will get there . SHALOM !


You were created for success and the good life. Sickness, poverty, disease , death and down-life are not consistent with your nature and identity; therefore never condescend to their level . God made you for HIS glory; you are a wonder -a product of divine orchestration and a miracle somewhere to happen ! So never look down on yourself. It does not matter what others call you ; what matters is what you call yourself, based on what God has called you and made you. HE has made you rich , healthy, victorious, super-intelligent and influential. You are God 's best .You are first-class of all His creation.This is the reason you should never think of failure! God has never made failure; therefore , you should not fail. The whole truth ever to be communicated to us from the Word of God is that as an individual , you are God's handiwork. You are His production; His perfectly crafted and excellently created masterpiece. When you know this , you will believe in yourself , and value yourself more. See God using you to do great and mighty things changing heaven and touching lives all over the world. See yourself that way, and believe in yourself. You are God's best. CONGRATULATION !