Nothing becomes dynamics or desirable until it becomes specific.Overcoming one barrier gives you courage for the other. A great future that doesn't begin today will remain a mirage.I believe we can begin to effect a national change by changing our way of thinking and becoming passionate about our ideas. The positive changes we are enjoying in the telecommunication and banking industries and other sectors of our society today were motivated by a few people who championed the cause for change in these areas. You too can be a catalyst for a change in your sector.You don't have to be a government official to inspire a change. Remember that it only takes a spark to light up a forest. Major social and economic changes in many nations began from an inspired mind . Success will only smile at the man who refuses to lie down at the corridor of failure . There is no road to success but through strong purpose. Change yourself ; change your world . Prepare yourself ready, one day your great chance will come . Get started. Get ready. Like to see you at the top. It is well.